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6 month Skin Bootcamp Program


Step right up and take on the ultimate skin bootcamp challenge and we are arming you with the not-so-basic three-step skincare program, designed for efficiency, customized for you and powered to make a difference. 

The 6 month Skin Bootcamp program includes:

1 x Pure Revival Peel 60ml

4 x My Daily Dose Serum 30ml

2 x Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask 30ml

3 x Facial In A Flash Multi-Masking Bento Mask Set

1 x Pure Recovery Dew 30ml

In addition, with purchase of the 6 month Skin Bootcamp program, receive an Optimizer Voyage Blue Light (worth $258) to optimize and increase the efficacy of your skincare products from 40% to up to 90%!

Value : $1370 (36% savings)

Our customer service consultant will be in touch within one business day upon confirmation of your order. Subscription program is not valid with other ongoing promotion or birthday month discount.



Pure Revival Peel

Use dry hands to apply a thin layer of Pure Revival Peel to clean, dry skin. Leave on for a few seconds until it turns milky, then gently massage in circular motion. Dead keratin will be formed into particles, showing the exfoliating effect.

Rinse off with warm water. Use 2-3 times a week.

My Daily Dose Serum Cocktail

Use 2 to 3 drops twice daily, before moisturizer.

Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

Spread a thin layer on clean face, including under eye area and leave on for 30 minutes or overnight. Rinse off with warm water. Use daily or as needed.

Multi-Masking Bento Set

STEP 1: Cleanse your face.

STEP 2: Open the sachet and remove the thin semi-transparent film from the mask.

STEP 3: Apply the mask on your forehead and T-zone, or lower part of the face. Carefully remove the white film from the mask. Leave on for 10 to 20 minutes.

STEP 4: Remove the mask and gently massage until any remaining serum is fully absorbed. No rinsing required. Follow up with your usual skincare routine.

Pure Recovery Dew

Gently apply 1-2 pumps of Pure Recovery Dew, after cleansing and serum application.

The Pure Recovery Dew uses a unique airless pump technology that utilizes a vacuum system to dispense and keeps the product within the container fresh by helping to keep air and contaminants out of the product, which helps enhance the effectiveness of the product.

To activate the airless mechanism, simply try turning the bottle upside down and tap the bottom of the bottle a few times. Then with the bottle still upside-down, press the pump a few times till product is dispensed.

Please kindly note not to open the bottle and remove the pump, as introduction of air into the container may affect the airless mechanism.

Full Ingredients