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Optimizer Voyage Red Light

USD $198.00

V-lift, repair and renew in the convenience of your home in 10 minutes with this award-winning Optimizer Voyage Red Light facial device. 

Enjoy 5 benefits of Red LED 

- V-sculpt for for a lifted facial contour

- Aids in lymphatic drainage

- Improve appearance of fine lines

- Repairs damaged skin cells

- Increases collagen and elastin production

Optimize with Low Frequency Therapy - Enhance absorption of active ingredients

The Low Frequency also enhances the absorption of your skincare ingredients for plump and dewy skin.

Quick Tip:

The Optimizer Voyage Red Light should be used with water-based products and we recommend using it with Skin Inc serums and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask for best results. 

Winner of L’Officiel Beauty Awards 2015 for Judge’s Choice 

Winner of ELLE Beauty It List 2015 


After cleansing, apply Skin Inc encapsulated serums and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask.

Switch on Optimizer Voyage and place it on the skin; Start massaging the face by following the steps below:

Step 1: Start from forehead in circular motion (clockwise) for approximately 2 minutes.

Step 2: Slowly move down to the right side of your face. In circular & upward movement for 4 minutes.

Step 3: Move to the left side of your face. In circular & upward movement till device shuts down.

Recommended usage: The Optimizer Voyage can be used for up to 10 minutes per application, twice daily. The device will shut off automatically after 10 minutes.


Brightening; Firming; Plumping; Repairing
Felicia Ang
Jan 11th -- Started my Skin Inc journey way back and I love how it works for my sensitive skin, giving that healthier glow every girl needs! I also got to try my own 'My Daily Dose' concoction, along with this new device to optimize the effects of the serum to 90% as compared to applying it using hands(40%)! Just 10mins twice a day, awesome!

Slimmer face in 10 mins !
Jan 9th -- Pampered my skin with Skin Inc's new anti-aging Optimizer Voyage device with the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask today. The device helps boost absorption of products - just 10 minutes and my face was brighter and more hydrated. My favorite result of all was a slimmer face after using it! Over time, the device also helps lift and firm the skin. Can't wait to use it regularly for even better results.

A facial right at home!
Joey Ng
Jan 20th - The voyage to great skin starts now with Skin Inc’s Optimizer Voyage! The perfect tool for lazy mom like me with 3 kids. I can now have my facial spa right at home. Whoopie!

That's just my kinda thing
Noah Naima
Jan 17th - This anti-aging light therapy that's based on NASA technology has been made personal and travel sized. All it takes, is just 10mins (max) with your personal My Daily Dose serums. Short time spend and travel sized.

10-min facial
Velda Tan
Anti-aging treatment now made easy for us time-starved travelers with the new Optimizer Voyage. All we need is 10mins with this amazing NASA technology device. Definitely packing it in my suitcase for future trips.

Must buy !
Jan 23rd -- Woohoo! New toy towards new skin in the new year!!! The Optimizer Voyage – firms up face, deep absorption of serums and reduces wrinkles!!!

I bought this because I saw Bubz doing a review on youtube quite a while ago and was thinking "If it DOES works, why not?". Comes with amazing functions; Activate, Optimize, Repair & V-Sculpt your skin. After trying it out on myself & my mum, I'm pretty impress I would say. & a bonus, it is small and travel size friendly! A worthy purchase judging by the product quality, functions & skin inc's services, definitely recommended to all who wants to pamper their skin.

Instant effect
Ne ne
Tried this with an instant effect. Not very time consuming as well, perfect for a facial at home for busy people who cannot afford the luxury of time!