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Qn: Can I mix more than 3 serums in a bottle?

Yes you can. Our serums are in encapsulation and that is the reason why we are able to mix and match our serums. The encapsulation keeps the active ingredients fresh and separate, and prevents oxidation. However, 3 serums is an optimal number to start off and we do recommend layering on additonal serums such as Vitamin A Serum around the eye area to reduce dark circles.

Qn: What are the little “colored beads” in the serums made of?

The colored "beads" that you see in our serums are encapsulations of the active ingredients. The encapsulation is made up of natural seaweed. All the active ingredients are kept protected, fresh and free from oxidation and are 100% concentrated and pure within this seaweed outer covering. Once you apply the serums on your skin, the encapsulation breaks and release the ingredients into your skin for maximum results.

Qn: Are all products gluten-free?

Our products are all gluten-free.

Qn: What is the frequency for the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light device?

The device uses 3MHZ low frequency stimulation that help to gently regenerate skin cells to increase their metabolism and encourage blood and lymphatic circulation. It also helps enhance penetration of topical application of products and active ingredients to up to 90%.  The device also uses LED chromotherapy that activates light receptors in skin cells and stimulates them to improve skin quality. The wavelength for our Red light is 625nm, Yellow light is 590mm and Blue light 460nm. 
Qn: What is the difference between the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light and Optimizer Voyage Red Light or Blue Light device?
Both devices combine low frequency stimulation and LED Chromotherapy for immediate skin rejuvenation. The low frequency stimulation gently increases the metabolism of skin cells, increasing blood and lymphatic circulation. They also help to enhance the penetration of skincare products from 40% to up to 90%.

The Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light allows you to customize your own facial treatment with 3 different lights: Red (Anti-aging to reduce lines and V-sculp for a slimmer and lifted facial contour), Yellow (Brightening and helps to even out pigmentation and acne marks) and Blue (Calming and Soothing for acne and sensitive/problem skin). Depending on your needs, different lights can be used to address your skin concerns. 

At Skin Inc, we believe that every individual should be able to customize their skin care down to their unique individual needs - from having their own customizable serum to their own customizable facial. The Optimizer Voyage Red Light and Blue Light comes with single light and is recommended for you if you have specific skin concerns.

Qn: Can we use the Optimizer Voyage devices with any other skincare products?

We would recommend using the device with water-based products because they are smaller in molecular-size and they can be absorbed easily into the skin. You may use the probe on your face after application of water-based serums or water-based mask. We would recommend using it with Skin Inc serums and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask for best results. You may use our different serums with the different lights to tackle different skin concerns. The Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask contains nutrient-rich Okinawa deepsea water, Soya Bean extracts and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, clarify and brighten your skin, all in a single step. In addition to the benefits, the gel-like texture of our mask also serves as a medium for the device to glide over your skin easily. 

We would not recommend using the device with emulsions, cream or oil-based serums as such products often have larger molecular-sized components. By driving such products into the deeper layers of the skin, this may cause skin clogging instead.