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Pure Recovery Dew

1 fl.oz
USD $45.00

Invisible Armour for your skin, now in a bottle.

Savor a burst of nourishing hydration with every hydro-encapsulated drop of Pure Recovery Dew moisturizer. A multi-benefit lightweight moisturizer that hydrates, primes, protects, and heals your skin in one simple step for a dewy look. soothes redness and irritation, strengthens skin’s barrier, and seals in hydration, while refining and minimizing pores. 

Mineral-rich Japanese onsen water—which is sought after for its properties that aid skin-soothing and calming redness, irritation, and blemishes—is released onto your skin as you apply the lightweight, gel-to-dew moisturizer. 

French pine bark, a powerful antioxidant delivers powerful antioxidants that protect skin against environmental stressors, while hyaluronic acid provides a nourishing dose of long-lasting hydration. It also contains conchiolin that helps visibly plump the skin for firming and even texture. 

Customizable, for every skin type. 

Its lightweight formula allows you to blend it with Skin Inc’s Custom Serum Doses to create your own bespoke moisturizer and primer. 


Gently apply 1-2 pumps of Pure Recovery Dew, after cleansing and serum application.

The Pure Recovery Dew uses a unique airless pump technology that utilizes a vacuum system to dispense and keeps the product within the container fresh by helping to keep air and contaminants out of the product, which helps enhance the effectiveness of the product.

To activate the airless mechanism, simply try turning the bottle upside down and tap the bottom of the bottle a few times. Then with the bottle still upside-down, press the pump a few times till product is dispensed.

Please kindly note not to open the bottle and remove the pump, as introduction of air into the container may affect the airless mechanism.


What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Scent

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates

Full Ingredients