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You're reviewing: My Daily Dose® Custom-Blended Serum

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I literally #iloveskininc
6birdsflying (from Instagram)
Oct 14th Natures best beauty remedies comes from nature. My quick fix to prolong my holiday glow.. Results are instant and nothing better but feeling bright and beautiful on days such as these. The serum I use is catered to my skin needs. The combination I have is vitamin C / Vitamin A and Chrorella. But I also have another combo catered to my dry and sensitive skin.

My daily dose
Tatim Kanomjang R. (from Instagram)
Oct 14th Been only 3 days since i started My daily Dose & already feels like it has some magic inside its Petit bottle!

My Daily Dose Serum
Velda Tan (from Instagram)
Aug 14th On to my 8th bottle now.. So much love for Skin Inc's my daily dose! Just like how our moods vary, our skin also changes frequently. And this is what I love most about Skin Inc- that I can create my serum to suit what my current skin needs. I've identified that I have dry, sensitive & acne-prone skin right now, so this combination of hyaluronic acid, ceramide & licorice works best at targeting those problems.

bunnygie (from Instagram)
Aug 14th try out this awesome customize serum for diff skin types and needs ~ skin inc deepsea hydrating mask is really great too,leave on to slp and non-sticky feel

highly recommend
iluvjunkfood (from Instagram)
Nov 15th Skin Inc has the best serum in the world because it is customized to suit my skin type. My skin used to be dull, dehydrated and with terrible dark circles. However, after using the deep sea hydrating mask and a customized serum, my skin is now radiant and hydrated. My dark circles have also improved tremendously. I highly recommend girls with dark circles to consult with Skin Inc for their secret potion!

Everything is so good!
Bellakuan (from Instagram)
Nov 14th I’m really excited to try them out as my favourite fashion blogger song of style has been recommending them! The serum is customized based on my skin condition which I believe it will help a lot on reducing my sensitivity! Tried on the first time my face feels so smooth and so clean already!

my secret to beautiful skin!
Veronica (from Instagram)
Nov 12th These customized serums, revival peel and masks by Skin Inc are so effective yet very gentle on my eczema skin. I could see an obvious change to brighter, hydrated and clearer skin within 1 week of use. I have a different concoction of my daily dose serum for special periods of the month when my skin behave differently due to hormonal change. I now leave my house barefaced and still look radiant. Now this is my secret to beautiful skin! Thank you Skin Inc for creating wonderful products.

My skin improved so much !
Patricia Teo (from Instagram)
Nov 12th It improved my skin so much that ive decided to get a different concoction for day and night. Thanks Skin Inc for clearing up my skin n brightening it up w a glow! Ps. I promise they have the best whitening mask ive come across so far.

This magic works!
karenkh0 (from instagram)
Nov 22nd Been using this for 4 days and I really love the results! My pores are visibly smaller and my face feels more firm and smoother now!

Teddy (from Instagram)
Nov 21st my daily dose serum gave me the hydration that my skin needs badly.. giving it the "boing boing" touch which makes make feel young once more ! applying my daily dose is just like emerging my face into a pool of water .. so refreshing !

It's now my go-to product!
Sheena Liam (from Instagram)
Nov 26th Loving my personal customized serum from Skin Inc. , love how my skin feels hydrated and supple all day even with full makeup on. Also, I travel a lot and this serum definitely helps to control my face condition.

Skin are customized to your "taste"
Love that there's a skin identity to customize to the "mood" of your skin. Can't wait to try other products to enhance the look of my skin!!

Skin Savior
I live in CO and have incredibly dry, flaky, sensitive skin. I have tried soo many products from organic, homemade to expensive store bought. Before this nothing would hydrate my skin no matter how many oils I applied to it. So incredibly happy this works!!! Might have to buy the moisturizer to try it out. My skin thanks you!

Aida Sue
Dec 13th -- I've been using Skin Inc skincare products since July until now. The truth is, I didnt realize that my skin has showed some improvement and look different, until my close friends and family told me so. They keep saying that I have a cleaner, problem free skin and how it looks healthier; even beautician at a spa that I went to recently told me the same thing! I'm really proud to say that I'm using the Skin Inc custom blended serum ( Vitamin A + Hyaluronic Acid + Licorice ) everyday twice without fail. Sometimes when i'm really busy, i just apply the serum without applying anything. They have the BEST SERUMS and you can custom made acc to your skin condition. I really recommend you guys to try the custom blended serums, you wont regret it! :)

Truely magical !
Dec 12 th -- Never leaving home without you, My Daily Dose of skin elixir. At home, you keep my skin soothed and hydrated; away, protected from the harsh elements of winter :)

It does magic to my skin
Evelyn Hanafia
Nov 13th -- My Daily Dose serum is my best friend now, because i cant do my skincare routine without it. If i can say MDD does magic to my skin, redness in my skin reduce significantly, this serum also take care of my sensitive skin delicately. Thank you Skin Inc to make it happen .

My Daily Dose Serum
Dec 15th -- My daily dose ... Every drop is worth the $$$ ... Its help soothing n hydrating and lastly prevent outbreaks of pimples.

Jan 17th -- On to my 10th bottle of this awesome serum that never fails to brighten up my skin! It's a must-have especially when I'm traveling. Thank you Skin Inc for coming to my rescue all e time.

Love the MDD!
Into my 2nd bottle of MDDs purchased from the store and loving it! my skin has improved alot with the serums and I will continue getting them. Love that I can customize accordingly to my skin preference.

Fall in love with it!!!
Jus received my customized serum today .mixture of licorice,vita A,chlorella。after first try on my skin it absoluted so well !!! No heavy feeling , sticky feel afterward... Oily skin loves it so much!! My skin stay bright n nice for the night...will continue to use this . Now , looking forward to order another new ones.OMG!!!!cant stop loving it!!!

Customizable to your needs - a must have.
Absolutely love the My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum, I appreciate that you can pick out certain serums that is specific to your needs and concerns. I have tried many brands but there hasn't been one that I can honestly say that I will stay true to and repurchase again. Prior to using this I've been suffering from dullness, dry patches along with stress related breakouts and hormonal breakouts - which has left very dark hyperpigmentation around my chin/jaw. With one application I noticed that my skin was a lot more hydrated (the kind of hydration that looks like that I drink 8 glasses of water a day), my skin was more bright. The inflammation from the breakouts had reduced significantly and the cystic acne is starting to reduce in size with each use. Before, I use to apply 2-3 different kinds of serums to target specific needs that I felt were my main concern. With this, I'm able to save time and money - thank you SkinInc for coming up with such an innovative skincare regime that is literally suited for all kinds of skin types!

Can't Live Without It!!!
I love My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum. I have been using this and I love the way my face looks and feels. I love that I am able to customize my own kit. Different seasons -different concerns so this is perfect. I am almost ready for my 2nd kit. This is well worth the money. I noticed a difference in the appearance of my face almost immediately. I am very happy with my results.

My daily dose serum
After heard about so many good comments about my daily dose serum finally I got mine !!!! I were so happy that it dint disappoint me. Super fast absorbed n non sticky. Very light weight like wear nothing on... Especially for my oily skin. Looking forward to get good result n will reorder again!! I love it soooooo much !!! : )

shellisa kiky
It's been almost 1.5 months since I first tried MDD, and I absolutely love it! My skin has always been very oily, yet dehydrated, acne prone and very sensitive to new product. When I first tried using MDD, I was a bit skeptical, as I have tried a fair share of serums and treatments, and none seemed to improve my skin conditions. I have to always revert back to using my dermatologists creams and treatments as all the other serums are either causing me to break out or even dry out my skin. However, after about 45 days of using MDD, this is the FIRST time that I can give a good review about a product that's not from a dermatologist. My skin condition has improve a lot. Skin is still a little oily but hydrated, glowing and radiant while bare faced and definitely my skin loves all the ingredient in that bottle of serums. I'm almost out of MDD and will definitely continue to repurchase them.

You are glowing!
Kate W
It's been two months since I started using Custom-Blended Serum. I went to visit my long distance friends who immediately asked me: 'What did you do to your skin? You are glowing!' I was head over hills about this complement. My skin used to be dull, dry, sensitive with acne... Not any more! I love you SkinInc. My first purchase of Daily Dose Serum contained: Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Reborn Collagen.

You are glowing!'
Kate W
It's been two months since I started using Custom-Blended Serum. I went to visit my long distance friends who immediately asked me: 'What did you do to your skin? You are glowing!' I was head over hills about this complement. My skin used to be dull, dry, sensitive with acne... I love you SkinInc. My first purchase of Daily Dose Serum contained: Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Reborn Collagen.

I love the product - it has helped my red skin so much. I have oriental/east asian skin, and I don't have any acne - but it did help my inflamed skin. Despite the shipping cost and the cost itself, it is definitely worth it! I would recommend this product as it has made my skin absolutely radiant. I have already gotten a lot of honest compliments recently after using it and I plan on purchasing this again - hopefully i'll get a different combination and see more bigger and better results!

product is light as water
on my second bottle of my daily dose. many of my friends told me that its expensive and they do not see the effects. as i am a victim of pigmentation, i see the recovery rate higher when i'm on other products. pigmentations and acne marks are reduced and brightened with continued use.

Excellent Products!
Since using this custom blend, my skin has been glowing! No more dull skin plus, when I use Retin A, my skin doesn't flake and peel.

I really love how it can be customised and the active ingredients are kept fresh inside the capsules! No sticky feeling at all; it all just absorbed into my skin. Definitely not a regret!

Since starting MDD I have seen amazing results. My skin is oily, acne prone a snsitive to new products. MDD includes vitamin C, Pine Bark, and Licorice. I have seen an improvement in acne, oiliness and redness. This serum goes on the skin very nicely, with no sticky residue. My skin seems to drink it up. I am only half way through the bottleand will definately repurchase. I also love that if my skin ever changes I can retake the survey and receive a new custom blended serum.

I have always had trouble finding something that works for my skin. With MDD i noticed a difference right aways, and have had great improvement in my skin. Absolutely amazing product

I have extremely sensitive skin and allergic to many cosmetic ingredients. But thanks to SkinInc., I have finally found something that suits me for my skin needs! Also it's the best customer service team ever. I had initially tested and gotten couple serums that I ended up being allergic to. They accepted my returns and gave me brand new serums. I'm on my 4th order since I started my skin regimen with SkinInc nearly 6 months ago. So yes... I love it!!

It works wonders!
Ordered this custom-blend serum because my skin is very sensitive because I have eczema, so my skin is irritated, red and dry. I was a little skeptical about this product because all other ones I used seem to irritate my skin a lot. But after using this for a month, my skin is less red compare to before using this and my face starts to feel less dry. My friends who had seen my skin in the worst complimented that my skin look so much better now. So I definitely recommend this product! I think this is worth your money!

I have the Vit A, French pine bark, and Ceramide. Love this serum on my dry, sensitive and sun-damaged skin. Minus one star because it's really expensive for not a lot of serum, even though it goes a long way.

SkinInc. has made a huge difference for my skin!
I love the SkinInc products, especially the custom blended serum. The pores are so much smaller and the texture of my skin is so much smoother! The redness is gone and my lines and wrinkles are diminishing. People have comments like, "You look wonderful! Your skin is so smooth!" Three people on separate occasions have commented, "You are glowing!" Thank you SkinInc!!

I love the custom blended serum! My skin is brighter, firmer, and more evenly colored. I don't miss a day of daily serum!!!

After a few days - it's great!
It's been about a few days since I started using my custom-blended serum (Ceramide, Hyaluronic acid, and Licorice). My skin usually takes a while to calm and return to its normal color. But this serum is already helping me with that. It feels that I got a hydration and calming booster shot. I'll keep using it and write a review after a few weeks!

so great
My serum combo was Vitamin C, Licorice and Hyaluronic Acid. I've used every drop and am currently back for more. The product made a huge noticeable difference in my skin. Breakouts reduced greatly, skin tone became brighter and more even with less redness.. I love it. I used that combo alone for awhile and then purchased the "Get Perfect" kit and used my Daily Dose during the day and the Get Perfect serum blend ( Hyaluonic Acid, CoQ10 and Marine Collagen) at night, because I have concerns about skin aging on top of my primary concerns of sensitivity, oiliness, pigmentation, etc. I'm not sure that the brand would recommend that type of use but my skin looks better than ever. I'm really happy I found these products.

Will buy again
I've tried and tested a LOT of skin care products and, though one of the most expensive products I've used, it did the best job. My pores are visibly smaller, my skin is smoother, and my old acne scars have faded significantly. I didn't think my skin would look this great!

Made a believer out of me!
I've had this kit for about a week and I can already tell and feel a difference in my skin! I was afraid this skin care line would be too good to be true but it really is true to its word. I am a 43 year old woman and am just showing signs of aging. I cannot wait to see what me skin looks like in one month from now. If you're on the edge about purchasing, don't be. Take it from me, a former skeptic.

Life changing
I have super sensitive, acne-prone adult skin. For YEARS I have been trying to find the perfect match for my skin, from aestheticians, monthly subscriptions from other known sites... but SkinInc has changed my life. It's been just over a month since I started using it, and the results are amazing. I no longer have notable red spots or skin irritations, my skin is brighter, and I have hardly had to leave the house with makeup- a total game changer! If you haven't taken the time to find out your own skin id - what are you waiting for? You won't regret it.

Love it!
I would recommend 100% this products! I have been using my custom serum for about 4 weeks now and really love it! before, my skin was dry, lots of breakouts, and kind of reddish. Now my skin looks great, very soft and it really glows!

i first come in contact with skin inc products at sephora, and ever since i tried it, my skin has been brighten up significantly, my pores appears to be smaller now as well. Then i realized that it would be cheaper to buy directly from skininc because of the reward points scheme! Its really worth the money!

Practically a miracle!
I got this as a last resort. I thought "if this doesn't work, then that's it. I give up". I had nasty skin for a while, big pores, uneven skin tone, dry patches, acne, and dark circles under the eyes. Within a week of using this product, my skim already showed major improvements - much less acne, a more even skin tone, and the dry patches were near gone. Within a month of using it, I felt as if my skin had completely cleared up - it was glowing and without blemishes, the pores had reduced in size, and even the dark circles and bags under my eyes seemed better. I think this is a wonderful product and plan on using it for a long time to come.

This is THE BEST option out there
Okay, so I have nothing but great things to say about the individual serums from Skin Inc, but the Daily Dose Blended Serum is a godsend, and as others put it as your best friend. Not only do you get the benefit of each serum, you get the convenience of combining them all in one bottle (which means easier, and you use less of each). The Identifier is fantastic and pinpoints exactly what you need. Additionally, there is a great cost savings if you go for the blend as opposed to piecemeal purchasing the serums separately. The best thing I ever did was take the Skin ID quiz and order my customized serums. My skin has never been better.

Best serum I've ever used!
Felicia :)
I love the viscous texture of the serum and how it feels on my skin - light yet moisturised! The best part is having three power serums in one customised dose to adapt to my skin's changing condition. I am prone to skin sensitivity when experiencing weather changes so I used a soothing blend of Licorice + Hyaluronic Acid + Chorella. Happy that my skin has since returned to normal state and am excited to try new blends now for better skin!

It's amazing!
Have been using this product for a month now and all I can say that it really works! The customized serums definitely help to improve my skin, making it less dry and rough. Not only that, my dark circles have been lightened! Definitely my go to product.

And then Skin Inc. happened. Now that I had discovered the beauty of a customized skin solution, the idea of another step grabbed my attention. I had never tried a serum before, but if I could create one that enhanced everything my skin care was doing, I was game. I did the whole quiz on the Skin Inc. website and my results were licorice serum to calm irritated skin, ceramide serum to strengthen and soothe, hyaluronic serum for long-lasting hydration. I'm on my second round of my custom-blended serum, and I can't see what would stop my infatuation with it. This serum is beautiful, it dries quickly, and it has reduced my moisturizer use to soothe my skin. I have fought my oily skin since I was fourteen with every mattifying, long-lasting makeup product on the market, but the Skin Inc. serum has made it so that by the end of the day, I'm only at a slight glow to my face rather than full-on melt down. I have finally busted out of the vicious cycle of covering my face with makeup products that only make my skin worse.

Great Customized Product
I have super sensitive skin, and just about every product under the sun causes me to breakout, or itch, or burn, or turn red and sensitized. For many years, the only brand of product my skin could tolerate was Dermalogica, but even that seems less effective in recent years, and addresses only part of my skin concerns with their standard products. Now quite a few bottles down the road, I am very glad to have come across iloveskininc, and purchased my very first bottle of My Daily Dose. The winning point of the My Daily Dose is definitely the customization; after all it is not possible for us all to have the same type of skin. The serum is non sticky and applies on easily, and I could see improvement in my skin right from the first bottle. My only quip is that the serum dries up too fast in air conditioned rooms, and I have to use more than the standard 3 drops per application because of it. But this is something I can live with, if it means keeping the serum light weight and non sticky.

Wow this serum is awesome! The combination I got for my skin is Licorice, French Pine Bark and Collagen. I have been using it for just over a week and my skin is looking really bright and clear and feeling supple and smooth. I find that my foundation and concealer are sitting better on my skin and the dry patches I had before are gone. I'm pleasantly surprised at how fast this has changed my skin :) Will definetly be repurchasing once I have finished my first bottle.

Best thing for my skin
I actually have two different sets in order to get more benefits. I use one set in the morning and a different combination in the evening.

I have not found a better substitute
I have not found a better substitute.

Absorbs quickly into the skin
Less oily and clearer skin! Texture is absorbed very quickly into the skin.

Serene Soh
Awesome product and absolutely loving it!

Best serums ever!
I have super finicky, sensitive, combination skin, and I have used just about every product possible to combat my acne, dry patches, rough texture, and oily t-zone. Now, I never have to try any products again- my daily dose is perfect! I love having a customized serum combination just for me. I live in a super hot state, some days are very humid and others are very dry. This makes my skin really fussy because it's so sensitive, but now I use the B3, ceramide, and french pine bark serums to keep my skin soft, clear, and balanced. Thank you Skin Inc for these incredible serums!

Great skin which I never had
Boon Hui
I go for 2 blends, one for the day one one for the night. I love it that now I have used this for about a year, I enjoy great skin which I never had, and I have made great savings for not needing to go for regular expensive facial treatments.

Changes Noticeable
I can see the changes the serum does to my skin a few days after application! Definitely a good product.

Wonderful innovative product
A serum that targets different skin issues by mixing and customising your own individual bottle. It is ideal for creating your own day and night serums. Also, It comes in a beautiful coloured packaging. A wonderful innovative product!

Works well for me!
I haven't had much time to use skin care products regularly because of a newborn so I only use the serum every morning and night. Almost finishing my bottle and my beautician told me that she saw great improvement in my skin. Glad to hear that and am definitely getting this again!

Seeing almost immediate results after one application. Have used half a bottle and it's non sticky like other brands that I have tried. Never leaving home without you! Worth the money! Thank you Skin Inc for the amazing products.

Skin improved ALOT
After using the serum for a while now, there is a significant improvement in my skin!

Great for mature skin
Its great for mature skin. It absorbs well into the skin and a little bit of serum goes a long way.

Light Texture
Serum very light and easy application. Not oily at all. Skin more smooth and hydrated after use!

Really liking it!
Really like the MDD! Its customised according to my skin's needs and it works for me but i also think it would be good if a customer can choose what goes into the MDD as well without doing the skin check, at the price of $169! (Because we may have more than 3 skin concerns). Overall still a plus!

Absolute LOVE
I absolutely love this kit. I love the packaging and mixing my own blend. The product itself has done so much for my skin! Though I do find it a little on the expensive side for the quantity.

Immediate results
It has a nice consistency, no smell which is good and shows results immediately

Love how it's customized to fit each individual's skin! I have been using this for some time now and it works wonders. Will definitely buy again; I recommend to anybody who is skeptical and looking for a better solution for their skin.

Amazing Serum
I absolutely love this customized serum. I have seen immediate results. I have tried at least 7 other serums and none of them even come close to my daily dose. I love being able to choose multiple skin issues I would like to work on. If you are skeptical about trying this I say just do it. You won't regret it!

Great serum
Great custom blend of serum. Absorbs well into the skin.

Fantastic Results!
My custom serum consists of the french pine bark, vitamin c and the vitamin b3/niacinamide serums. My skin looks bright, smooth and has less blackheads. My acne scars are diminished too! I don't feel oily after using the serum, nor do I feel oily if I add a moisturizer after. I use three small drops from the dropper, I don't need anymore than that. I think this will last a good few months. I love this product and will buy again!

customisable serums
I really like the idea of customisable serums, especially ones that can be put under your eyes! usually serums are oily and can't be put down the eyes but these are so different! And the best is that they are definitely nourishing, super love!

Brighter and clearer complexion
I have been using 2 different blends for day and night for about 1 year. I have very sensitive skin and most products cause redness to my cheeks. Very glad that SkinInc works for me!

Great serum!
I love the idea of how you can customize your own serum and the serum itself is great. It makes my skin glow in the morning and my skin appears to be less oily.

Best serum ever!
Have been using different combinations of custom-blended serum cocktails for many years now. Love how I can target a few problem areas with this 3-in-1 serum. It has helped my skin tremendously, it is so convenient, perfect for busy moms like myself! Love it!

Customised Serum is the best ever
I am a working Mom and for daily routine, i used to spend a lot of time applying step by step skin care because I have oily skin, blemished, and open pore skin. Layer by layer skin care i have to apply every morning and night (eg. one for blemished, one for oil control and light wrinkle). That's really time consuming. One day in September 2017, my friend intro me to skin Inc and I was first more attracted to the custom made and mixed serum all in one according to my skin needs. I went to Skin Inc and i got the mixed 30ml (Vit C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Coenzymes) and bought the gentle peel as well. Wow one bottle and custom made to fix my skin Problem. I use it day and night and the mosturiser and the gentle peel twice a week. Now I am into 3 mths of using it. and I swear for the result. Tzone oiliness and open pore is minimised, Make up is easily applied on. And my outbreak is more under control. My colleague did notice the improvement and a few of them go for my recommendation. Its really the best product i have ever found. Thumbs up Skin Inc and I am really thankful to have you for my skin care. The result is amazing and Now I have just purchased 3 boxes of the mask sheet. With this great serum and mask, I am all good to go with full confidence :)

Amazing Results
I love how the serum is customized to target my area of concerns. My friends have all noticed how much my skin has improved after using Skin Inc products!

The best!
I think I've tried every serum over the years. I stock up during my birthday month to save some money. I've tried serums from other brands but I some how always find myself going back to my daily dose. I love that is can be used under the eye area. Very easy to use and very hydrating!

Everyone should try this!
Was initially skeptical about this serum as I saw many influencers promoting it on Instagram and their blogs. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try and I can't stop using it now! Within a week of using the product, my friends actually commented about the glow on my face. This was what I wanted to achieve as I have always had dull and tired-looking skin. My skin, especially my t-zone area is no longer as oily at the end of a long day. Would highly recommend everyone to give it at least a try!

Yun Ting
Ever since my first bottle, I am amazed that it can keep my breakout at bay! I am already on my 5th bottle of MDD!

Will never stop using.
I ordered 3 of these. The amazing things these serums do from my skin are unmatchable to any other serum or product I've ever used. I'm so greatful and happy I found this entire brand!

Life changing
I’ve always had problem with my skin. But after getting my own custom blended serum my skin has been revived. In just a few short days I saw huge improvements with my skin tone and dry spots. Absolutely amazing! ❤️

The only product you’ll need!
I’ve always had problematic skin. I have very bad eczema. After a few days of me using my custom blended serum I noticed huge difference in my skin. My eczema started going away and my skin is glowing!! Life saving product ❤️

Customized for my skin (Oily, Redness and Large pores)
My skin problem is oily, red and I have large pores. A friend introduced me to Skin Inc and even signed me up for a facial as a gift. After a session of facial treatment, my skin visibly seems less red and pores seems to shrink a little. I then decided to give Skin Inc products a try, by using its serum (mixed especially for me) and Pure Recovery Dew everyday including the use of the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light and Pure Revival Peel and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask once or twice a week. Within a few days of uses, there is obvious improvement in my skin conditions. My skin is less red and less oily (as the Pure Recovery Dew is not oily at all upon use and even keeps my skin moisturizer the whole day) and my pores are slowly shrinking. Even my husband notices this and started to use Skin Inc products as well to remove his eye bags! His eye bags is now visibly gone and he looks a lot younger and refreshed!

Improved skin conditions
Perfect concoction was mixed for my skin. I had oily, irritated skin and large pores. After using the serum mixed for me together with Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, just within a few days, results can be seen on my skin. Amy face becomes less oily and less red and the pores are starting to shrink.

My forever serum
To be honest, I'm a cheapskate. I got this because of the great value I get with the 30ml bespoked serum costing less than 10ml serum x 3 types. Serums from most brands are for this or that. With the customisation, this serum can be this, that AND more! I'm into my 3rd bottle now and all 3 blends were unique, customised based on my skin condition of the period. I introduced this to my friends and one of them took it on a test drive during her winter trip. Guess what? No more peeling and sand-paper skin due to weather change! Gentle enough to use around my eyes, with this I can even throw away my eye creams, saving a ton of moolah. My mum pointed out the extra firmness, my beautician remarked on the glow, my friends complained about me introducing the brand to them (but buy more anyway), and I can't be happier with my forever serum.

Skin confidence in a bottle! Shockingly effective...
I bought two of my daily dose custom blended serum. One for my morning skin care routine and one for my nightly skin care regiment. I have severe sensitive skin and I've never been able to find a serum or product that has worked for me or that has not caused irritation. Until now. I wake up, wash my face, and use my am custom Blended serum. Then before I get ready for bed I wash my face, and do the same routine but use my p.m. custom-blended serum. I've been doing this for 3 and 1/2 weeks. The difference in my skin is breathtaking. Truly took my breath away! My skin is clear and Youthful and hydrated. My skin tone has even out and my pores have shrunk beyond belief. I have no more oily spots or dry patches. The dermatologist that I see told me it look like I had slight rosacea on my face. Since I've been using these products the redness has gone away. Almost completely after only the first use. These miracle in a bottle serums have really been a lifesaver for me and my sensitive skin. I could not be more happy with the results. Combined with the other amazing products this brand makes ( "The incredible" gel masks, the "gentle" cleanser (aka My holy grail cleanser), the amazingly lightweight recovery dew moisturizer, and the "super hydrating" Mist) I look and feel amazing. I glow like never have before and feel great because of it. Being a mother of three and now 35 years old it's about time I found something that really worked and gave me back my skin confidence. Thank you SkinInc!

MDD Serum
I love the fact that I get the most customised serum that I need for my skin by answering the questions on Skin Check. This gives me assurance that I am using a product that is suited to my needs. I always felt the need to swop moisturisers after awhile as it doesn't seem to be as effective on my skin after a period of time. With MDD serum, I do not need to worry about my moisturiser losing effectiveness as my skin changes after awhile and I get to find out by using Skin Check or changing my serum contents.

My skin has improved!
This sounds a little unbelievable and far fetched but I own 3 bottles of MDD due to the different neeeds on my skin and different skin zone. I have eczema, very sensitive, breakout prone and hyperpigmented skin. Normal skincare products will not be able to tackle all my problems. With Skin Inc, my skin improves a lot! I alternate my serum day and night. Although it could be a huge investment for some, it’s definitely worth it. The serum absorbs quickly and you’ll wake up feeling supple and hydrated. I use Licorice to calm the redness, Ceramide to strengthen the barrier of my sensitive skin and alternate Vit B and Chlorella for my brekaout/pigmented skin from acne. Although I did not achieve glass proof skin since I just started it, I have seen a difference and would like to thank Skin Inc for entering my life!

Definitely worth it
I can’t say enough great things about all these serums. I did the custom skin check and got the vit a, vit b3 and chlorella. I have a lot of skin problems. Name it and I pretty much have it all. From acne, to melasma to uneven skin tone and brown spots. You can literally play connect the dots on my face. Lol but kidding aside, since I started using the 3 serums and the optimizer voyage, my skin has improved so much. In just a few days, I noticed the difference. My skin was more supple to begin with. I had less breakouts and my brown spots have lightened. Sure it’s not exactly cheap but to buy expensive make up to cover up your skin problems is far more expensive on the long run. Personally, I think these products are totally worth it.

Best serum I have tried!
Mei Qi
I love skin inc’s serums! Previously I had been using serums from other products and I find that they do not work so well as my skin has concerns which may not be addressed by each individual serum. Skin inc serum is customised to my skin concerns and I can change them over time depending on my condition at each point in time! The serum are also light and easy to absorb unlike other serums which maybe oily and thick at times! I would highly recommend you to give the customised serum a try if you have not done so!

The price originally put me off purchasing, but after buying tons of skin inc products on my birthday month (25% off), I was sold. This serum is the bomb out of the lot. I loved the fact that it absorbs really quick yet leaves my skin feeling moisturized and plump. I could even use it under my eyes without any fear of developing milla seeds!! I could see it being my daily staple.

Love customisable product that works
Love that this is customisable. I've been through around 5 to 6 different formulations and all of them work. It's really worth it and I use this daily. I even bring it with me when I travel.

I can NEVER do w/o MDD serum! This is my daily serum that I apply twice a day. You will be put off by the price of it initially, however once you start investing and applying the MDD serum diligently, your skin texture will improve and you will not regret your investment in this product. I have been a convert since i learnt of this serum, in fact my whole skincare regime now consists majority of skininc products, simply because skininc products are so trusty and it works! This serum is highly recommended for ANY kind of skin types, customise it to your current skin concerns. I say go for it and you will never ever look back!

Improve in Skin
Skin seems to have improved after using the serum. My skin used to be oilier before the use of this serum and after finishing a bottle, I can definitely see an improvement in my skin condition.

Love it!!
I tend to be extremely sensitive to any nee product. There is hardly any product i can use without a reaction. My combination of vitabin b, chlorella and vitamin c has been awesome. Used along with the optimizer, i can see visible glow and hydrating effects. And without any reaction which is rare!! Will definitely repurchase!

Looking forward to younger skin
Got the custom blended anti-aging serum. With Q10, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, my skin feels so hydrated and plump! I have combi skin, so I use this at night, waking up to a less oily skin. Looking forward to younger looking skin!

Good for maintenance
Took the plunge and bought my first bottle of MDD which consisted of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Licorice. It's good for daily usage, both day at night. It absorbs very quickly when I use it with the tri-light device. Doesn't leave a tacky feeling too.

Saved my skin
My skin is a combination of everything. I Iove the fact that I can custom the serum and rotate it every other night to tackle different issues.

A surprise outcome
Skin Inc is not my first choice due to its pricing. However, good reviews from my friends gave me the courage to pick up this item and replace my current facial regimen. Wow! Im indeed surprised by the wonders it did to my oily n acne-prone face. Less oily n reduction in acne are the words to describe my present face condition.

Not bad
Appearance of my skin became brighter after a week of usage. Not sure it’s the effect of this serum or the trilight device. It gets absorbs very quickly when I uses it with the device & im about to finish my first bottle soon after 3weeks! Nonetheless, great product to recommend!

Love how we can customise it according to your skin. Suitable for sensitive skin like mine. It absorbs very quickly and it does not feel sticky at all.

Awesome product
Love how this product is customizable to my skin's needs! It has always been difficult finding a suitable product for me as I have eczema and I'm glad to have ceramide available to incorporate into my daily dose. Product is easily absorbent and non sticky as well.

I never use skincare and as I age, I decided to do something about my skin especially as I have melasma issue. At first I was hesitant as the serum was considered expensive for 10ml at $68. But decided to give it a try based on the tons of good reviews. I would say my skin did improve but not much on the fine lines and dark circles around my eyes. But well its only about 1 month so I will continue to try and see the results later. Thanks Skin Inc.

Great Serum!
My 1st time using serum n im sold! I have sensitive combination acne prone skin, i use alot of anti acne products tt makes my skin very dry, after afew weeks of adding the serums to my skin care, I noticed my skin were much smoother & less prone to breakouts.

Great Value
This is a great price for three serums. I did keep my serums separate instead of mixing them because now with a total of 7, YES, 7 different serums I like to customize my mix to what my skin needs each day. My Custom Blend was Vitamin A, B, and C. One of the best parts about getting this particular blend was it finally dispelled a myth I'd been believing for years. Not only can niacinamide and Vitamin C be safely used together , they actually enhance the effects. Since I trust Skin Inc'd research I am finally able to use the two powerhouse ingredients together!

Love it!
Finally found a product that suits my skin needs. Will continue support skin inc products!

The best serum I've ever tried! Helped with my dark spots and oil control.

Helps my skin achieve a glow
I used to apply pure deepsea hydrating mask while using my trilight optimizer and thought nothing could produce better result for my skin.... until I used the serum! I have been using the hydrating mask and my daily dose get glowin’ serum to hydrate my skin and also get the glow that I want ❤️ it’s just perfect! Can’t wait to discover more wonderful products from Skin Inc.

essential in my skin care regime
I ❤️ how awesome this serum is! I have very bad skin problems but after using this serum, my skin now looks great.. I can’t live without this! ❤️❤️❤️

jx xuan
I love the serum because it helped me with my skin. After taking medications for years which changed my skin in a bad way, this serum really helped with the acne and healed my skin!

love the idea of customizing
I love their My Daily Dose cos it’s catered just for our skin. I went to try samples at Sephora and I am stoked! They absorb really well & another thing I love about Skin Inc is that their bottles are so pretty!!

Skin Inc products are my holy grail!! I was depressed for months due to an acne breakout. I was desperate to find a skincare brand which would work for me. After hearing so many good reviews about Skin Inc products, I was skeptical but decided to head to a Skin Inc store, did the test and took the leap of faith and purchased products hoping it’d work for me! BEST DECISION EVER. 3 months later, my skin was absolutely clear! I have not seen myself this radiant before. I cannot stop recommending Skin Inc to my friends now! Thank you Skin Inc for letting me be my own kind of beautiful!!

Skin Inc has helped me spend less on makeup :)
When one of my girlfriends gave me some vouchers, I thought oh it’s another skincare product. Until recently I read many good reviews on the daily dose and serums . I decided to give @iloveskininc a try and wow I’m totally sold ! I’m constantly checking out for good deals on the daily serum, products from skin inc. The deepsea hydrating mask works wonders when I’m on flights, I leave them on and before arriving at destination I wash it off . My skin is moist, brighter and smoother and I no longer need any cushion bb or make up!

To be really honest, I never really took care of my skin untill I saw my favourite youtuber "itsbubz" raving about her My Daily Dose Serum and how it worked miracles for her. So i decided to take the plunge and bought a bottle of my own MDD (Vitamin B3+, French Pine Bark and Vitamin C). Within a week+ of consistent day and night usage of just 3 drops, I could really see how it helped with brightening my skin, had significantly reduced oiliness around my T-zone and really helped reduce the amount of breakouts especially during that time of the month!

helps reduce breakouts!!
I have suffered from sensitive, dry, acne prone skin for years now, I've tried almost everything! After going thru so many reviews n youtube videos, i thought i’d give the Skin Inc serum a chance, got mine in vitC, vitB+ & ceramide. After applying religiously, i can definitely see improvements in my skin. Less prone to breakouts n smoother skin. Thank you so much skin inc!

skin inc is the master of all
Best thing about My Daily Dose is that you're able to customize your serums wish best suits your skin needs!! It targets not only my dry/oily combo skin, acne prone skin and dull skin! I've gone thru 2 bottles now and my skin has improved so much!! (Together with the use of deep sea hydration mask and the brightening mask and of cos, my Optimizer Voyage LED device!) I'm constantly still repurchasing all the items despite the hefty price tag as I see improvements to my skin! Ps. I've recently purchased the bubble oxygen mask and I freaking love it!! I see so much potential in all the products and I can't wait to try the rest of the products too! Definitely the brand to introduce to everyone for skincare!!

skin inc helps me go makeup free!!
I love skininc’s my daily dose serums and the pure deepsea hydrating mask :) As a doctor, I have night shifts, but with these must-haves, I’m ready to face the world with glowing skin despite sleepless nights!!! Who needs make up when you have good skin!! ❤️

love love love skin inc's my daily dose serums
I absolutely love Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum! ✨ Everyday without fail, I’ll apply My Daily Dose of Glow Wonder Serum - Illuminate & Brighten, and I can tell my skin is a lot younger and healthier looking now! My dark circles and pigmentation are definitely less obvious than before, which means lesser concealer on my face! Yay to that!

What I love about my daily dose is that not only is it tailored to my skin's every need, but i also get to learn about my skin and start to understand more and more about my skin needs. I’ve been using my daily dose for about six months, and can safely say I’m addicted! I’ve bought so many other products (my second fav is the oxy bubble mask) from Skin Inc now because I couldn’t trust another company more with my skin! Ever since I started using it, I’ve unlocked a whole new side to my skin I’ve never seen before - it’s so incredibly soft, I have hardly any blemishes or breakouts, my oily skin is controlled, and i swear it glows!!

i love skin inc!!
i swear either there is a problem with my eyes or Skin Inc is my miracle worker. i use my daily dose serums twice a day, once in the morning and once before i go to sleep. i didn't want to do a review after 2 weeks because i really wanted to see what the effects would be after finishing one full bottle. So here you go, i am shook!! My skin has cleared up so much!! I'm so happy that I don't have to use so much makeup when i go out. i just feel confident and comfortable in my own skin. Thank you so much Skin Inc!

Awesome purchase

Really works!
Love that the serums are customisable to the different issues I have on different days. At the moment MDD is the collagen, Q10 & chlorella combo & it is really working to lighten pigmentation, soften lines & hydrate my skin. Currently on my 4th week of use. Have never been this motivated to continue using additional skincare prooducts other than the basic cleansers & moisturisers!

Second time
This is the second time I have bought from the store. Skin seems to have an improvement after using it.

Purchased my first set of custom-blended serum cocktail from Skin Inc's counter at Tangs Orchard. Amazing texture, absorbs easily into my skin and provides a well of hydration!:) LOVE IT! Downside - I'm pretty clumsy, so when mixing the 3 different types of serums, I wasted some of them! Haha. Anyway, I've just placed an order for my second set, together with the Optimizer Voyage Tri-light!:p Can't wait to receive them! Plus point - I like the fact that I can return these bottles at Skin Inc's concept stores and get a rebate of $5/bottle for use for future purchases. This info wasn't available online. I went in-stores to ask about recycling program (if any) and glad there's one!;) Would be good if I can recycle the bottles/jars of other Skin Inc's products too! Hope Skin Inc can look into this!:)

I saw results within a week
The staff at Ion was very patient and understanding with me as it was my first time trying out the product and I had many questions. MDD was licorice, ceramide and chlorella, all to target dry, pigmented, sensitive skin and breakouts. It absorbs easily and I saw results within a week, which was what led me to purchase other products over the past few months such as other serums sets, revival peel, hydrating mask and optimizer. My skin has improved overall.

LOVE IT!!!!;)
Purchased my first set of custom-blended serum cocktail from Skin Inc's counter at Tangs Orchard. Amazing texture, absorbs easily into my skin and provides a well of hydration!:) LOVE IT! Downside - I'm pretty clumsy, so when mixing the 3 different types of serums, I wasted some of them! Haha. Anyway, I've just placed an order for my second set, together with the Optimizer Voyage Tri-light!:p Can't wait to receive them! Plus point - I like the fact that I can return these bottles at Skin Inc's concept stores and get a rebate of $5/bottle for use for future purchases. This info wasn't available online. I went in-stores to ask about recycling program (if any) and glad there's one!;) Would be good if I can recycle the bottles/jars of other Skin Inc's products too! Hope Skin Inc can look into this!:)

Love the serum
Bought to try after reading the good reviews online. The customised serum is light and easilly absorbed into skin. The serum does not cause any breakout and skin feels hyrated and firm after using. Have just purchased the glow serum and hope it is just as good.

Very Good Product.
2 thumbs up for this product. After 3 days of usage, my face has become more supple and smooth. Combined with the usage of the peel, my pigmentation seem to have lightened considerably.

On to my 2nd bottle now!:) LOVE how fast the serum is absorbed into my skin. Instant hydration, skin feels amazing!

HG Skincare
I like how the serums come in separate bottles and are not pre-mixed, so that I can spot treat. It's much cheaper to get these in sets of three

Only for me !
It’s so customize unlike off the shelf product . There is also a skin check to help me when I m in doubt about which serum to use. And also the bottle color r so pretty .my daily dose is not sticky n gets absorb fast into skin . Good product

My first time trying a skin inc product after hearing many great reviews. Was surprised how it made my skin clearer and more hydrated and less breakouts. Would love to try more products and recommended as I also purchased for my family!

MY PERSONAL SERUM!☆ (3rd bottle)
Purchased my 3rd bottle in-store at Ion Orchard! Just love how amazing the serum feels on my bare skin. Every week, before going for my yoga class, I will remove all traces of makeup and cleanse my face. Next, I just have to apply 3 drops of the serum and I'm good to go!:) Side note: Not sure why there's 2 separate membership systems (online vs in-store). I'm always confused on how these work. Hopefully moving forward, the 2 systems can be merged into one for easy tracking!:)

Daily Dose Of Magic
I used this product together with the Optimiser Voyage Tri-light and it really works wonder for my skin!!! I have dry skin so I picked my own combi i.e. ceramide, vit A and chlorella. My skin feels really moisturised (ceramide!) and less dull the next morning! And I get lesser breakouts these days. The only downside? - It runs out really fast :( I'll definitely purchase this again! Thumbs up!!!

Most effective product I’ve used!
Always troubled with acne skin. I have tried many products over the years and this is the only one that calmed my pimples!! Pricey but worth it!

Effective combo!
Licorice, Vit C and Chorella is the perfect combination for my pimpled and sensitive skin! I am so glad that I went for this product despite it being very pricey! Although it is expensive, but as long as it helps my skin, It is so worth it!!!

I bought these as a recommendation from a colleague. But this is great! My skin looks more plump and bouncy and my darks spots are lighter!

Used to suffer from sensitive skin and acne!! I was quite skeptical of using this as the start as I was afraid that my skin would react badly to new products. But I am so glad I did!!! Now onto my third set with SkinInc!! My skin is so much stronger and clearer now!! Try it!!!

After few weeks of using, my acne became so much better. Definitely going to buy some more in the future! Thank you skin inc :)

I love how non sticky this serum is and can layer on my moisturiser after. Ive been religiously using this exactly because its not sticky. So i dont have any excuses! Its lightweight and makes my skin super soft and hydrated.

Glowing daily!
Started using the serums with the Trilight and I really see a difference in the radiance of my skin. Bumps around my chin area are also reduced. Love how light the serums are, yet so effective!

Gotta Love SkinInc!
I bought my 1st custom blend after reading great review but was skeptical at first. Then I tried it for the first time and fell in love with the easily absorbed texture! A week on and I can already see improvement! More hydrated and less 'tired' skin. Hope it keeps getting better!

My daily dose indeed
Totally love how you can customise and combine different serums to address diff needs. On certain days, I use all 3 together but on others, I’ll just use one, if there’s a need for me to address a particular skin concerns. I really like how my skin is left so radiant after using the serum and deep sea hydrating mask together. Amazing effects when used with the tri light device too!

Very customised
Everytime I will do a skin check n get the best that was assigned suitable for my face . My fave will get not get any results if I keep using the same serum . Love this customization.

I have tried all sorts of serums to solve my skin problems - enlarged pores, oily skin. easily tanned skin and break outs from menses . I can honestly say my skin has been improving after using the daily dose serum ! Break outs are definitely lesser (thanks to Vitamin B3+ serum), and I don't get tanned as easily as I did before (thanks to the French pine bark serum) ! My scars have significantly brightened (thanks to the Vitamin C serum) . I do not have apply so much foundation/concealer as I used to ! I am really impressed with the results ! Without a doubt I will get more serums to further improve my skin condition !

Leave my skin glowing!!! redness and scars lighten so much!!! Love my dailydose!!!

Was introduced to skin inc by my friend after using countless of other products that did not work for me and constantly causing breakouts. But I have to say, THIS IS THE GEM!! Wonder why I haven't found out about Skin Inc sooner. Anyways, I like how they have different serums that cater to the different needs of your skin in different situations and environment depending on where you're at. Also, the serum isn't thick or sticky at all which is a major plus for me. Plus it works! I can't say much but you really have to try it for yourself!! It may be pricey but trust me, a little bit goes a long way!!

Great product
y x
Really like how there’s a skin check test and my custom blended serum really tackles all the problems of my skin!! Loving it

Great effects at a cost
As someone who’ve tried tons of serums ranging from SKII to majority of korean brands, it is quite a big deal for me to say that skin inc’s products WORKS. The only drawback (reflected in the deduction of one star) is the cost-performance ratio: these serums are quite pricey. Therefore, would recommend new users to wait for sales/ promotions to get the biggest bang out of your buck!

Skincare that actually works
Onto my second bottle of my daily dose combination of chollera, vitamin A and collagen to combat signs of aging, dark circles and dullness. My skin is actually brighter and the dark circles less noticeable, my pores seem smaller too. My facial therapist also commented that my skin is now more hydrated from inside. The serum absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a sticky feeling after it dries out. One bottle lasts me for about a month and a half so I feel it's a worthwhile investment especially if you register for an account and earn points w every purchase. Thank you Skin Inc!

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My Daily Dose® Custom-Blended Serum

3 x 0.34 fl.oz

Decode > Mix > Love it!

A serum created and customized by you - Did you know that up to 80% of your skin concerns are caused by your lifestyle and environment? 

Rethink your skincare routine with the ultimate bespoke multi-tasker. Decode your Skin Identity, and co-create your customized My Daily Dose Serum Cocktail to address your unique skin concerns. A cornucopia of benefits in one serum — this is your skin transformation in a bottle.

Start by using this simple 2-3 minutes skin identity quiz to identify the three serums best suited for your skin. Add to cart and get ready to be your own skin chemist and create your customized My Daily Dose serum cocktail. 

Winner of The Zoe Report Breaking Beauty Awards

Price: $84

Value: $115 (26% savings)


What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Scent

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates