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You're reviewing: French Pine Bark Serum (Anti-oxidant protection)

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Perfect for City Girls!
Just walking a block in NYC makes my skin feel grimy but when I started using the French Pine Bark Serum under my spf I could definitely tell a difference! At the end of the day, my skin still feels soft and less gritty than it did before. Because it is such a super shield, my skin is clearer and looks less ruddy. I'll never stop using this!

After using this product, I feel my face looks brighten & firmer.

One of the best I tried
It's one of the best product I tried. To be honest, I have bought many but still is one of the best.

Great product
Could feel the tightness in the skin and more rejuvenating.

After using this product I see the changes of my skin.... My skin become smoother ....

After using this product I see the changes of my skin.... My skin become smoother ....

Received this as a GSS gift from Skin Inc. Absolutely love the feeling of the serum on my skin; it is not greasy and gets absorbed quickly. Awesome, thank you Skin Inc.

My skin improved alot after using this serum and some others that were customized to my skin condition! I can see the result after just few days! love it!

This product is great in helping to keep my sensitive, acne-prone, combination skin healthy! I use it with the B3 and Ceramide serums to protect my skin from environmental factors and help my skin heal itself. My skin has never been so bright, smooth, and clear!

This product was able to help my skin get better from a major breakout. I was breaking out because of stress and lack of sleep, when I started using this, the breakouts stopped. I got this within a Customized Serum Pack

One of my favorite serums!
This is another serum that I don't ever want to live without. A part of my daily it is perfect for me and helps keep my skin beautiful, even, protected, youthful, and healthy. It does everything it says it would and I like that doesn't break me out or irritate my very sensitive skin like most products do.

I had never used any serums, this is the first brand that i purchased so far, and will continue using it!

More powerful than Vitamin C!
The first skin Inc serums I used were the licorice and vitamin C mixed with this serum. It seems unbelievable to say I saw overnight results but I did. After using the three serums in conjunction with the deep sea mask I saw a huge improvement in my irritated, breakout riddled skin. Within a week I had returned the ridiculously expensive serum I had been using and ordered 5 other skin Inc serums to use according to my daily skin behaviour. I love the powerful yet natural ingredients.

Part of my cocktail new blend
1I don't have the best skin, I have lots of pigmentation.. but after using this I feel that my pigmentation has stop accumulating! Still keeping a lookout for it to reduce but I have faith it will :)

Suits my skin well
Awesome product!

Good product
I generally liked this product. I used the whole thing, and while I didn't notice any life-changing effects on my skin, it did make my skin feel very soft and balanced. I would definitely buy it again!

This my first ever product from Skin Inc. Wasn't to sure to purchase at first but after trying for first day , I can see my skin pores becomes smaller and skin brighter. Worth the price .

This is a great antioxidant! Skin feels refreshed and 'clean' after each use and I'm loving the result.

Great for sun damaged skin
Been swimming quite a bit lately and had some tan lines on my forehead from the swimming cap that was taking quite some time to fade away. Started using Pure Revival Peel together with French Pine Bark, Vit A and Vit C serum, the tan lines have faded away quicker than expected! Skin feels hydrated in the morning after applying the serums the night before. Great stuff!

Effective protection
Have been combining this serum with the Balance and Detox Serum with Optimizer Light and I swear it has lightened my sun spots and preventing more from forming!

Got this as a gift and I have to say it really does brighten and keep my skin in its tip top condition.

Good product
y x
This absorbs quickly and does not leave my skin oily. It also makes my skin brighter, smoother and clearer after use

Great for sun damaged skin
I play outdoor sports often and tend to get sunburn easily. This serum has definitely helped improve my skin condition!

23 Review(s)

French Pine Bark Serum (Anti-oxidant protection)

0.34 fl. oz
USD $35.00

A super anti-oxidant serum that protects your skin from free radical damage and the signs of aging caused by exposure to UV rays and envirnmental stress—designed to mix (or blend) with two other Skin Inc serums to tackle multiple skin concerns in one. 

Extracted from the bark of French coastal pine, this super anti-oxidant is 350 times more effective than Vitamin C and 170 times more powerful than Vitamin E.

Patented Japanese seaweed encapsulation technology protects the active ingredients from exposure to light and oxidation, ensuring stability of ingredients and potency of formulation.  This technology allows for an effective delivery of pure, potent ingredients, while the humectant-rich base delivers lasting hydration.

Layer individually or blend with up to two additional Skin Inc serums for a powerful, multi-tasking serum cocktail, designed to address your skin's unique needs.


Apply 3 drops twice daily after cleansing and before applying moisturizer.


What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Scent

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates

Full Ingredients


Anti-oxidising; Brightening; Repairing
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