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You're reviewing: Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

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Battling Winter Dryness Successfully
Winter Skin
I have been using the Mask ever since winter started and find that its a great way to keep skin hydrated and break-out free despite the weather. Love that I can just apply it before i go to bed and wash it off in the morning.

Sensitive skin
I love this mask, perfect for winter months, works well with the serums.

love it
I'm always afraid of trying new moisturizers, because my skin is so sensitive and prone to breakouts, and I can't tell you how many times I've started trying a new one and had my face completely freak out. This one is awesome. I apply it after my Daily Dose, leave it on overnight, and my skin looks and feels so healthy in the morning. No reaction or breakouts. I love it.

My Holy Grail mask
I love this mask! Onto my second one now after trying the travel size and I woke up with smooth and supple skin. It helps to keep acne away too and prevent further breakouts for me. Now I cannot do without it.

Adore the Feeling
Adore the feeling of this hydrating sleeping mask. Absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave any sticky feeling. So convenient to use and yet effective; simply leave it overnight and wash off the next morning. Wake up to hydrated and refreshed skin.

Holy Grail
This is the best skincare product that I've ever tried. It's amazing how much better my skin looks and feels the next day. It's a little pricey, but so worth it.

In the morning I most noticed hydration. Very supple skin

The Savior to Dry Skin
Since using the deep sea hydrating mask to sleep nightly, I no longer wake up with tight skin. Sleeping in an aircon room will not leave my skin dry anymore.

Favourite hydrating mask & moisturiser
I've been using this mask as a night moisturiser and sleep-in mask for two years now and I am still in love with it. This is also perfect for flights as it's transparent and no one can tell you're wearing a mask! I have combination skin & this works well for me as it is very lightweight. A thin layer is enough. Sometimes, I even put it on during the day & head to work with no make-up on. It clears up your skin and hydrates it. Never have I tried a mask that hydrates so well, yet does not clog my pores. Triple thumbs up!!!

The perfect mask for all climates!
My skin broke out after a trip to Europe (because the weather was too dry). This mask works like a dream and it's super hydrating! I use it as a sleeping mask and my skin feels great in the morning. Definitely bringing this the next time I travel :)

Invisible Sleeping Mask
This is undoubtedly, my favourite mask. I use this as a night moisturiser every alternate day to hydrate my skin. Does not cause any breakouts & keeps my face plump. Very few masks allow you to use it in your eye area, but this can be used in your eye area. It doubles up as an eye cream too! Definitely my holy grail. I've recommended it to many of my family & friends and will continue to recommend it.

Definitely the best moisturiser I've ever used! Loved it so so much
Usually use it as a leave on overnight mask and it really works miracle! After the mask application, I always wake up with soft and supple skin. It really helps to moisturise my combination skin and yet not too oily and heavy. You got to try it to understand how fabulous it is! (:

I'm lovin' it!
My friend recommended me to use Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask when she knows that I have dry sensitive skin. I have been using it for a few weeks and the results are really good. I love the feeling upon application and after application. I even recommended it to my parents whom I bugged them to try. Initially, I was the one who keep approaching them every night to try this mask. 3 days later, my parents were the ones pestering me for it and even asked me to purchase another tub for their own use instead of sharing mine. Never underestimate the power of Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask! Looks like I am not the only one who is loving it :) Cheers to hydrated skin!

Makes face super soft
I received this as a sample, and used it as an overnight mask. When I woke up the next morning, my skin was extremely soft. I was shocked that's for sure.

Best Mask I Have Tried!
I have been searching around for a good face mask, and I think I may have found it. I was lucky enough to be given a sample packet of the Pure DeepSea Hydrating mask, and this evening I tried it. I was encouraged by the fact that it was not fragranced. The gel-type mask was crystal clear and spread easily over my face. I left it on a half hour and drank a cup of tea while it dried. When dry, the mask was not overly sticky or unpleasant to have on. It rinsed off easily and left my face feeling amazing. My skin feels hydrated, but it’s not slick, greasy, or any way unpleasant. It just feels right. I like that this mask contains hyaluronic acid, and I especially like that it doesn’t have any fragrances in it. I could totally see this being a good overnight mask, too, because it didn’t feel like it would come off too easily on a pillow once it dried a bit. I miss this mask already, and it’s definitely going on my to-purchase list for the full size!

Kathy Nguyen
It feels so refreshing, and highly moisturizing.

Instant boost
Serene soh
An instant hydration boost to my skin!

Boon Hui
My skin glows when I use it at night with the MDD serum and Optimizer Trilight. Very gentle on the skin.

Works great over night
Works great over night. Pumps my skin up with hydration!

My holy grail
I bought this product recently and only started using it for 3 days at night, together with the Optimizer Voyage Tri light. When I went for my monthly facial a few days later, when my esthetician touched my face, she commented that my face had became smoother as compared to the previous few sessions and asked me what did I do to my skin. Even she was surprised that it did so much difference! Although pricey, this product is truly amazing and has become my holy grail. I love it so much!

Best Hydrating Mask
Another product that I loved from Skin Inc. My face used to be oily but after using Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask daily as sleeping mask, my face is not oily anymore because it is hydrated. Hurray !

Best Mask Ever
I’ve got ezcema and very sensitive skin and I’m very careful in using products. Most sleeping mask are sticky when u leave them overnight but this mask is magically dry as it absorbs very quickly. It kinda leaves a protective flim on your face when you sleep. I’m down to my 8th tub and this is something i cannot live without !!

Best Hydrating Mask
This another product that i love the most when i use the skin inc blue optimiser voyage light for few days together with this sleeping mask. I love how it really make my skin feel so much better and it really make so much difference. My face use to be super dry at night whenever i'm sleeping in air condition room and sometime i get irritate skins but after this using this hydrating mask i can say that my skin has become smoother. It's definitely a truly amazing product that i can't live without at night.

True to it's name!
I've been through 2 jars of this and even bought one for my husband to use. I love it because it's lightweight but still very hydrating. Best part is that this can be used under the eye so it's very easy to use. Wish it didn't come in a jar though. It'll be perfect in a squeeze tube.

Just WOW! Super hydrating!
I honestly couldn't believe how hydrating this mask is. It is perfect for winter and for anyone who just has dry skin. This is the best hydrating mask I've ever used! Get this mask and see for yourself. You will be amazed!

My skin problem is oily, red and I have large pores. A friend introduced me to Skin Inc and even signed me up for a facial as a gift. After a session of facial treatment, my skin visibly seems less red and pores seems to shrink a little. I then decided to give Skin Inc products a try, by using its serum (mixed especially for me) and Pure Recovery Dew everyday including the use of the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light and Pure Revival Peel and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask once or twice a week. Within a few days of uses, there is obvious improvement in my skin conditions. My skin is less red and less oily (as the Pure Recovery Dew is not oily at all upon use and even keeps my skin moisturizer the whole day) and my pores are slowly shrinking. Even my husband notices this and started to use Skin Inc products as well to remove his eye bags! His eye bags is now visibly gone and he looks a lot younger and refreshed!

Moisturised and Suppled
I usually use Pure Revival Peel before using Deepsea Hydrating Mask for best results. It is so convenient that I can just leave it in when I go to sleep and wash it off the next day. My skin is always visibly moisturised and refreshed the next day after use.

Hydrated and Supple!
I’m so afraid of mask because I always breakout after using it. I’ve acne prone and extremely sensitive skin. When my eczema flared up one day, I decided to give this mask a try and... I have no regrets! My flaky skin due to eczema disappeared! Now I am on my second jar and I use it every night. I wake up with hydrated and supple skin now!

Skin Saver!
My first Skin Inc purchase was the Mask to Perfection set, which included this super hydrating mask! Ever since that first jar, I have lost count on the number of jars & 20ml tubes that I've purchased! Having sensitive skin, this is the perfect mask for me, to give my skin the hydration it needs - apply it 2-3 times per week after swimming, as an overnight mask and used it daily when I travel (including Russia or Middle East) - cold or dry air climate, this mask kept my skin well hydrated, without any issues & have recommended it to friends & family. Worked well with any serum, moisturiser or skincare products that I use.

Really hydrating mask for sensitive skin
A couple of my friends recommended me this product hence I decided to give it a try. Love how this mask glides on easily, and be ready to wake up to hydrated and glowing skin! Pore minimiser too. Another essential and must have product!

Best hydrating mask
I have oily acne skin & used to wake up with an oily shiny face. After using the Deepsea Hydrating Mask & MDD serum I wake up with clear, glowing & hydrated skin. I love that it’s lightweight & absorbs well with no sticky feeling. Try it! You won’t regret it. I’m on my 4th jar!

So light you can use it daily
This mask feels super light, but what is amazing is that it leaves my sensitive skin feeling supple, bright, moisturized. An added bonus is that you can even use it under your eyes without any fear of developing milla seeds. I feel it works best with the Tri-light device as it helps the device move better and also allows the product to sink better. I only gave it a 4 because though it came with a spatula, it would be great if the jar has an inner lid for us to place e spatula on (makes things alot easier for us).

The beauty saviour for every ladies' face!
teck lee
The deepsea hydrating mask is truly a saviour and my skin texture started to improve tremendously after I start to use it. I have acne prone skin and is using Retacnyl cream to control it. As a result, my skin is often red, flaky and it stings so much whenever I put on moisturizer. I always feel so embarrassed whenever I go out w the red skin and the flaky skin makes my makeup so ugly! This mask reduces the redness in my skin in just one night! After using consecutively for a few days, I could see that my skin became less flaky and dry! It is softer, more supple and most importantly, it doesn’t sting when I apply it. You really need to try it to experience the wonders of this mask yourself!

Very hydrating
My skin feels very hydrated and supple the next day after using this mask. It works well with the tri light optimizer as less product is required as compared to using with a serum.

One of my favourite masks out of the entire range. Doesnt feel like you have mask on and the fact that you can wear it overnight without feeling it on your face is what i love it. Leaves your skin feeling hydrated and dewy after washing it off.

Visibly smaller pores the next day. Doesnt clog pores
PY Tan
Applied it using the trilight optimizer. Visibly smaller pores the next day and gives the glowing, plump skin look. It does not clog my pores and does the job well!

A Powerful Moisturiser
Recently my skin is very sensitive and dry, I had tried many different moisturisers and ended up getting itchy and small red dots on my skin. Decided to give this mask a try and I’m so glad that bought it. After applying it, i immediately do not feel dry or itchy at all and I felt that my skin is so smooth & more supple. Been using it day & night. A powerful moisturiser that hydrates the skin up to 8 hrs, every women must have and can’t live without it.

i always use this when my skin looks super tired as so far, this mask works in terms of making your face looks dewy and moisturized. Works as it says!

Most hydrating sleeping mask!
I have used a number of sleeping masks but this is by far my favourite! This makes my skin soft, supple and hydrated. Works on my sensitive skin!

Perfect for dry skin
Use this on alternate nights. Works perfectly on my skin. I sleep with the aircon, but with this mask, I wake up with moisturized skin. The price is a tad high for a sleeping mask though.

Absolutely love this!!
This is my favourite night mask EVER! Leaves my skin feeling moisturised and plump the next morning. It seems to control the sebum secretion of my oily skin too. Used to use Laneige sleeping mask before this, but this is soooooo much better (albeit the price).

Great sleeping mask
Best sleeping mask I've used - it's light and doesn't sit on the skin, but is absorbed through the night even with the aircon on. I wake up to more hydrated skin the next day!

This is by far the BEST hydrating mask I've ever tried! It's jelly-like texture is easily absorbed into the skin, skin feels super comfortable and is instantly hydrated! LOVE IT! Wish it's less pricey though!:p

This is by far the BEST hydrating mask I've ever tried! It's jelly-like texture is easily absorbed into the skin, skin feels super comfortable and is instantly hydrated! LOVE IT! Wish it's less pricey though!:p

Soft dewy skin the next day
I use this as an overnight leave on mask and my skin feels instantly hydrated and looks dewy and fresh the next day when I wake up! Highly recommended!

Hydrates My Skin Really Well
Indeed a very good product. Hydrates my skin very well and skin now looks more radiant and healthy. Only cons is the price which is rather steep.

Sticking to this brand definitely!
I have very dry skin. This mask makes my skin look hydrated the next morning. Already gotten another bottle!

Absolutely wonderful for my skin. Wake up to soft skin

Best leave-on sleep mask
The mask is lightweight and there is no sticky feel. It really keeps my face hydrated throughout the night. The best part is I can just leave on and go to sleep without rinsing.

LOVE IT!!!!!!
Perfect for people with dry and sensitive skin!! I love this product so much I got a bigger tub shortly after getting the first one! Works so well for an overnight mask and I have this healthy glow on my skin after cleansing my face in the morning! I like how this product is so light-weight and doesn't feel greasy on the skin, and absorbs really well. I think I have found my new holy grail product.

Dry Skin
Use the mask together with the Tri Light optimizer and skin feels hyrated and soft after using. Mask is easily absorbed and there is no stickiness. Will continue to use and monitor the result.

This is good!
One of the best masks I have used! Love the texture too.

Must have prior to bedtime
This is one of my favourite products, and the first product that I would recommend to friends who ask me which Skin Inc product to try out. Everyone needs a moisturiser, and I like that it’s light, non-oily and gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. The trick is really to apply it just before bedtime, and the results are visible the very next morning - the skin practically glows when I wake up. A healthy glow is really important in the skin appearance to looking good and youthful, and hence, this would be THE product to try out and keep.

Great Product
Received this as my birthday gift from my friend too. I was quite skeptical that it will be good for my dry and sensitive skin as usually clear/gel type mask do not work for me, but this did! I have been using it for 1 week and it seems to be effective. WIll recommend to my friends.

Absolutely the best mask!
This mask is clear and light. It can be used perfectly during your winter holidays when your skin gets super dehydrated and yet its light enough to keep your skin hydrated in the humidity in Singapore. I even wear it when i go to office under my makeup.

Great mask
Really love this mask, it makes my skin glow after use and my skin feels really nourished and hydrated. Doesn't break me out as well :) Worth its price!

Dry skin
Amazing. Helps with my dry skin

Effective in hydrating the skin and reducing redness
I tend to have rather reactive skin that acts up when I drink or when I’m in a dusty environment. Several times I get redness and tiny bumps in my cheek areas which would sting if I use strong products. However, this mask really helps to calm and soothe my skin within an hour or so of applying it on my face. And the next morning, the redness and bumps actually subsided as well. I really like this product! And it’s best used together with the serums every night as well.

I woke up like this!
It's been less than a week using Skin Inc products and I already feel closer to having the dream skin I've always wanted. I left this mask on overnight to reap as many benefits as I can and it didn't disappoint! I'm sure I have a ways to go but already my sun spots look slightly lighter, skin texture is much smoother and I have an overall glow that I can honestly say I've never experienced. I don't think I'll ever have the "Korean actress-type skin" haha. But I'm not looking bad either:). It absorbs well and doesn't feel heavy which is a huge bonus!

Loving it
So convenient I can just leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning. Absorb fast and it doesn't feel sticky at all. Looking fresh whenever I have the mask on overnight

Shu Wei
My favorite sleeping mask. It is perfect on days when I need more sleep yet my skin is dry and dull. I apply this after my toner and viola, I wake up to smooth and brighter skin. Love it.

This is not my first time buying this. Product is good, feels that skin is hydrated in the morning. However, I have to struggle with the very tight container on the very first time. This does not happen with other skin inc products.

The best hydrating mask I've ever used!
I have oily skin, thus I always look for hydrating masks I can get my hands on. Most of them leave my face oily after a night's sleep. Except for this. My pores are not oily as compared to other mask, my skin is supple and hydrated! Best of all, I don't have to apply a lot of mask gel as it is pretty thick. Definitely will get it again when I'm done with my first one!

The magic portion for beauty sleep
Truly the magic portion for beauty sleep. Just apply at night after skin cleansing and I am ready to go to bed. Skins feels fresh and hydrated the next morning with no oily residue. Easy and no fuss. A must have in every beauty regime.

Best night treatment
This is absolutely my holy grail mask and the best ever sleeping mask/ moisturiser I’ve ever used that keep my skin feeling hydrated when I wake in the morning. It’s so light and packs a punch! Love using it with the tri light device for a facial spa at home.

Love this
This is perfect for moisturizing my skin. I mix this with the oil and leave it overnight on my face, the next morning, my skin is super dewy!!!

This is a really great mask. I use it overnight and my skin is more hydrated the next day!

67 Review(s)

Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask

1.7 fl.oz
USD $75.00

Consider this your magic potion and sleeping beauty, because clear, hydrated, glowing skin will all be delivered, in a single dose of slumber. A unique sleep-in transparent gel mask that hydrates, clarifies, and brightens skin, all in a single step—for use every night as a luxurious daily treatment.

This innovative sleep-in or rinse off transparent gel mask moisturizes, clarifies, and brightens the complexion. This triple-treat mask contains nutrient-rich Okinawa deepsea water from Japan, Soy bean extracts, and Hyaluronic Acid for an easy-to-use, luxurious daily treatment for your skin.  

Results after 1 day*:

- 100% agree skin feels smoother and more supple

- 98% agree skin feels and appears deeply hydrated

- 96% agree skin glows with natural radiance

Results after 28 days*:

- 100% agree their skin clarity is improved, skin feels nourished, and skin texture is more refined

- 98% agree skin is left looking visibly brighter in the morning and appearance of pores is minimized

*Based on a consumer study conducted as part of an independent clinical study.


Spread a thin layer on clean face, including under eye area and leave on for 30 minutes or overnight. Rinse off with warm water. Use daily or as needed.


What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Scent

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates

Full Ingredients
Learn More