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You're reviewing: My Daily Dose® of Vitamins ABC+ Wonder Serum - Balance & Detox

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I love this wonder serum
After 1 week of use, my skin looks visibly clearer, brighter and definitely hydrated. Love it!

I think I personally really like this over the glow serum, seems to make my skin "glow" better, one word for it: LOVE.

I can be lazy person when come to mixing of serum so this 1 bottle has all the stuff my skin needs! I must say skininc has curated the right types of serum into 1 bottle. Totally sold! I had bought another bottle during sephora black friday sale. Loving it!

Makes me glow.
I love the way this makes makes my skin look! The only way to describe it. It sets off a glow within. Makes you look and feel younger. It fades lines like an eraser after consistent use! Amazing!!!

In love with this serum!
I love the mix of serums in this bottle! I usually leave and keep this bottle refrigerated, which would be so cooling to apply on my skin! The serum absorbs easily and it's perfect for combination skin!

Soothes the skin
I think this is the best serum that Skin Inc has invented! It does exactly what it says because at the end of the day, my skin is always tired and bumpy, so i use this serum at night before i sleep, and when i wake up in the morning, my skin always looks and feels so much smoother and the redness is gone! This is indeed my holy grail product!

ABC Of Skincare
I'm sure no one ever wants to fret over the multiple items you need to put on your skin when it comes to our skincare routine. This serum packs a punch of goodness that your skin ever needs. I've been a convert ever since I learnt about skin inc serums and trust me, when you use their serums diligently, you will notice the difference in your skin texture over time. No matter what they say, you need to try it for yourself!

Fallin in love!
it works really well with the products that i purchased from other brands!

Loving It
After one week use, i could see the glow I failed to have while using other products! Please keep this product coming back as it could come in handy as a daily essential. I would recommend this to my friends and family members

A Must-Have Serum
I've used many serums for day & night, from anti-aging, radiance to hydration & more, trying to maintain my sensitive, combination skin. When Skin Inc's Vitamins ABC+ Wonder Serum was launched, decided to give it a go, never used a serum with Vitamin C before. This cocktail worked wonders; within a couple of weeks, I could see & feel my skin texture improved - smoother, softer. I use it as a day serum & have just purchased a 2nd bottle, having completed 5 weeks of usage and skin condition continues to improve, with a hint of glow on some good days! Works well when layering products to give skin an extra boost, works well with Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask and Serum Infused Night Oil.

the ABCs of good skin
I love this ABC blend! It is an amazing blend of vitamins a, b and c to help me get the glowy skin i want. This serum is water based and is so gentle to use, even on my sensitive, acne prone skin. In fact, this serum mix does help to calm my redness down. It is great for 'detoxing' and i can feel the difference as compared to my hydrating hyaluronic one. I recommend this to everyone as your skin texture will be clearer, firmer and bouncy with time.

Finding the confidence again
I tried a few serums and finally found the perfect concoction for my acne prone skin. I have used it diligently every morning and night for the past few months and it has helped me reduce my outbreaks. I’m glad to regain my confidence slowly but surely.

Great and everyday serum !
I use this everyday and I love how easily it gets absorbed into my skin! It’s so lightweight and it doesn’t feel oily at all! Moisturises my skin throughly and get it prepared for my moisturiser. Love this!

Glowing inside out
I love how I can use it with the Tri-Light optimizer, is perfect to be use everyday, making my skin beautiful inside out!

My preferred serum so far
Been using skin inc serum for years, my own mix, this one and the other brightening serum. This is the best by far!

Must have item!
Used this religiously and my skin has seen great improvement. Helps to calm those nasty outbreaks too esp during my period.

Include in your skincare routine today
Li Lin
I am on my second bottle of My Daily Dose - Glow and since it is good, I decided to give this Vitamin ABC a try too! Both serum helps to control my sensitive skin and give it a glow! They are light and highly absorbent. My skin feels brighter and clearer. Do include these serums in your skincare routine today too!

Amazing serum!
Using this every night and my skin has improved. Looking brighter and pores smaller after using for few months. Will continue to purchase!

Great product
Obvious brightening n pore shrinking effect. Love it!

I turn to this serum whenever I spot a slight breakout, a little itch, a little unsightly spot. Days back, I spotted a stubborn acne that refuses to 'subside', I dabbed 1 drop of this on my chin where the stubborn acne was, and it subsided by the next day! It does everything it says - Balance & Detox. You won't want to ever run out of this at home, a life saver for skin emergencies!

Great serum!
Onto my second bottle of this serum - it provides a great hydration boost and is easily absorbed. Will continue using to see if it will help with my dark circles, which will probably need a longer time to see effects.

Awesome serum
I purchased this for a friend and she totally love it! It works better with the tri light device.. Serum is very lightweight and absorbs super fast leaving the skin with a nice glow! Will repurchase when I finish this.

Prefect for my acne prone skin
This is my second bottle and i'm really seeing good results on my acne prone skin and most importantly its not oily and I love the serum on my face not like other product that i tried before.

My Daily Dose® Of Vitamins ABC+ Wonder Serum - Balance & Detox
This is my 4th month of using the serum but usually I ordered Vitamin A coz I am more into my lines around the eyes. But this time I ordered the Balance & Detox. Tried this morning and felt skin around my eyes tightened. Never regret using Skin Inc products. Will continue to use and share my improvements.

One of their best products that I've tried. Fits the needs for my complexion and I was able to see results in a week. My skin tone has become balanced and brighter.

it does detox!
i've whiteheads growing out after using it at night. i guess this should be detoxing!

purify my skin
This serum is well absorbed into the skin and helps to clear some of the breakouts on my face just in 2 days. It may be expensive but it worths it. I will keep continue on using it to see more results.

My third bottle
I have just submitted my 3rd bottle order. This serum works well on my acne prone skin and it's perfect for our humid weather.

Great for Repair
Clara Lee
This is one of my fave serums for under the makeup and before bed. I have used many many serums but I really like this as the texture is just right and I like the anti-oxidants in it fighting against all the bad stuff in the environment. My skin seems to show signs of approval when I use it on a regular basis and I get compliments for good skin! Yeah!

My best serum
It's was Daily Dose of perfect skin. I dislike oily skincare so I always have issue with all my previous products. Only when I try skin inc, I'm amazed by the totally not oily texture of the products but its hydrating enough to keep my skin in good condition.

On my 2nd bottle and still counting!
I am already on my second bottle on this serum and find it working great on my skin. Skin is clearer and brighter when use in conjunction with the tri light device. I am kinda lazy to mix my own serum, so i always choose to use this serum as well as the glow wonder serum.

After just a few days my skin was clearer and brighter.

Holy grail
I’ve gone through at least 3 bottles of this product and I’m still absolutely loving it! My skin looks brighter and glowing even after just the first use. Several people around me noticed it too. The only downside is that it is pricey. One bottle will not last you very long if you use it religiously but the effects are way too good to resist even if it comes with a really hefty price tag. Also, it technically is a multi-purpose product with 3 different essential vitamins so it may just be worth the price after all.

Did wonders for my dull skin!
This really revived my tired and dull skin issues, would really recommend it if you have the same skin issues!

It's a wonder!
The serum is lightweight - I love how it feels on my skin. It helps calm and clear my skin!

My 5th bottle!
This is my fifth bottle of MDD of Vit ABC. I love the non oily texture but moisturising enough to keep my skin healthy.

Good Serum
This serum works well for me, no breakouts, absorbed in lightning speed and so hassle free!

This helps to clear my skin's clogging and leaves it visibly clearer! thank you!

Everyone needs this Vitamin ABC
This is my 6th purchase. Have been using it daily and I love the texture of the serum. It’s not oily and does not cause breakout for my acne prone skin.

Skin Saviour
My skin calmed down tremendously after starting to use this serum. I don't get major breakouts anymore, and pigmentation from breakouts are reduced much quicker. I can't live without it. It feels lightweight on the face and absorbs immediately into the skin.

average serum
It didnt impress me as much as the vit B3 or vitamin C serum. Skin feel hydrated and moisturised after use but I think that the Vit A content clogs my pores and causes breakouts. May be just the purging stage

My favourite daily dose
It’s pre mix with vitamin ABC which is prefect for my acne prone skin. I love the non oily texture and it’s very fast absorbing.

After using it for almost a year, I am still hooked to this product!! 3 in one combination is perfect to tackle all skin types!!

Non sticky, use together with illuminate serum
Works well below other skincare products, I like it use this at night to balance and use the illuminate serum to glow in the day. Hope to see real results after a few more months!

Wonderful serum
Use it together with my customised serums. Sin feels hydrated and pores are less visible. Hope to get better skin with continual use.

Wonderful serum
Use it together with my customised serums. Sin feels hydrated and pores are less visible. Hope to get better skin with continual use.

I picked this serum for this multitude of benefits and I'm not at all disappointed! I combine three drops of Balance and Detox serum with two drops of Pine Bark serum when using with the Tri-light. The absorption is great and skin looks smooth, poreless and glowing after. I use two drops under the Hydrating Shield in the morning and am amazed that my skin doesn't get oily at all with the two products. I love it!

Shu Wei
This was my first skin inc product, and it works like it's name. Repair! After using for 2 weeks, I noticed my complexion getting smoother and lesser blemishes.

Loving how this serum has all 3 vitamins in it to make my skin glow and my redness soothe! Will definitely recommend this

Perfect skin detox
After several uses, my skin is visibly smooth and clear. Love how it hydrates my skin at the same time!

I've just finished my first bottle of the serum and I have to say that this is the real deal!! After applying it every night and day, I've seen my skin condition improved drastically after a month. (and not to forget that my skin gets breakouts easily and I've tried many hyped brands/cult favourites that did not work for me.) It might be somewhat pricey for it's portion but a little bit goes a long way, and also have I mentioned about the texture of the serum? IT ISN'T STICKY AT ALL!! Thats super important for me as I don't like it whenever my face feels like there's something on it. I can go on and rave about this but if you're considering it, I really think you should try it for yourself!!

Good product
Repeat purchase. Used this serum together with other skininc serums. Skin feels hydrated and moisturised. Skin looks better with continual usage.

Love how good can it be
After using only for three days, u can see the difference. Very useful to me and a must have!

so expensive product
Really v expensive for me but i still continuing using it because of the good result my skin have after using it make my skin glow smoother . HOpe to have promotion on this hahaha

Best of all
My skin has seen great improvement will continue to use .

Serum review
Very well absorbed. Not greasy. Love the serums

SOOTHES THE SKIN . Love it thankyou

Overall this product is really good for me .

Best serum!
Really like using this serum. Reduces my break outs and this is my second purchase already. Skin got so much better!

59 Review(s)

My Daily Dose® of Vitamins ABC+ Wonder Serum - Balance & Detox

0.68 fl. oz
USD $65.00

Introducing our Wonder Serum - My Daily Dose®  of Vitamins ABC+ designed to balance and detox for your healthy glow. Its your perfect night repair that works its magic at night while you sleep.

Formulated to balance, fight oxidation and detox your skin, it addresses tired, stressed-out, blemish-prone skin. Born from data, My Daily Dose®  of Vitamins ABC+ is one of the best-selling and most sought-after serum cocktail that addresses your #skingoals.

When these active ingredients penetrate deep into your skin cells, they recharge the skin, fight free radicals and detox skin cells bringing to life more resilient, clear, healthy skin. 

Vitamin A for Anti-Aging and Anti-Pollution

Vitamin B for Balance & Boosting

Vitamin C for Clarifying

The powerful antioxidant Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant encapsulated in its purest and freshest form to fight free radicals to prevent skin damage, while reducing the appearance of pores and helping to regulate oil production.

In a perfect size fit for your 28-days skin renewal cycle!

Skin Inc’s Patented Japanese seaweed encapsulation technology protects active ingredients from light and oxidation and allows effective delivery for maximum efficacy.

Results after 1 month*:

- 95% agree skin feels hydrated and texture more refined

- 86% agree skin’s oil and water content is balanced

- 81% agree lines and wrinkles appear less visible

- 71% agree serum minimises the appearance of pores and makes skin look less dull

*Based on a consumer study conducted as part of an independent clinical study.


3 drops twice daily after cleansing before applying moisturizer.


What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Scent

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates

Full Ingredients


Anti-oxidising; Reducing pore size
Learn More