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A part of my weekly regimen
Pore hater!
I started using this about six months ago after discovering it in Asia. I am always concerned about the look of pores but after I started using this, its pores no more! Skin looks much clearer and finer.

ilovehoneystars (from Instagram)
Oct 20th Skin Inc, always my favourite • I was initially skeptical of Skin Inc, as there are plenty of brands out there in the market promoting skin products whilst promising miraculous results. However, within a day or two of using Skin Inc, I saw a vast improvement of my skins' texture & complexion. Like say WHOA!! Breakouts had subsided and inflammations/redness had reduced drastically. I cheat you not okay! Initially I thought it was just me, but in weeks, colleagues started noticing too. With all this said, my skin isn't exactly at the optimum but it's made so much progress. So yes, if you asked me, I'll definitely say #iloveskininc. • p/s: the #pure revival peel is amazing!!

Pure revival peel
Carey Ng (from Instagram)
Nov 25th I adore this pure revival peel from skin inc- the gentle gel that removes my dead skin cells without the harshness of the usual scrubs. It feels like water dissolving impurities in a few circular motions!

no more pores!
I am a fan of this peel. it effectively clears the dead skin from the face and i hardly see any pores after its use.I even felt my skin clearing up after its use. it is definitely the best peel.

What you didn't know you needed! :)
Brooke Evans
I don't know about you, but I have a genuine urge to keep my pores unclogged as much as I possibly can - I hate the feeling of congested skin, and the spottiness of my skin's complexion when I am. Redness, sensitivity, blackheads, you name it. This peel is one of those non-negotiable steps in my goal to healthier skin - I'm surprised it took me so long to incorporate one into my regimen but I'll tell you what, it's a game-changer. Refine your skin and keep it clean! Life is so short - get the peel

Gentle but effective
Wen Ting ( Face book nick)
i have always been on the lookout for scrub which can effectively help me to achieve a glowly look and yet not damaging to my skin as i have sensitive skin. after trying out many other brands and finally getting my hand on the pure revival peel from skininc as recommended from my friend, i was amazed by how gentle the peel is and the texture simply melts in your skin.. was simply fascinated by it and since than it has alway been my choice of scrub.. its an awesome product which all of the ladies and even man should have one at their home!!

Smooth and clean!
I took a big step to try this product as my skin is ultra sensitive. The first try after use, my skin feels so clean! However, I also started peeling because of my sensitive condition. Used my daily dose and by the time for my 2nd try, it was nothing but clean and refreshed! No more peeling skin! I love how bright my skin becomes. :)

Reveal Dream skin
Jacqueline Koh
The Skin Inc's Pure Revival Peel helps me to achieve my dream skin. It looks as though I had just undergone my regular chemical peel at the clinic, all this in the comfort of my home!! It is also gentle on my skin while removing debris and dead skin cells effectively. Read more here : www.jacquelinekoh.com

Gentle peel
Peel is gentle and helps to brighten and hydrate my skin. Does not feel tight/red after use.

LOVE it!!
This product is so gentle, but leaves my skin feeling so clean and so soft. Love this product

Better than a microdermabrasion treatment at the spa
I usually treat myself once a year to a $250 microdermabrasion treatment at a spa for my birthday. My skin is very dry and always peeling. With the Pure Revival Peel, my makeup no longer looks 'caky'. I can enjoy smooth skin all year long while saving money.

I absolutely love this product! After using it my skin is so clean and radiant!

This works like magic. It's so easy to use - just spread it on, wait a few seconds, and rub it off. It doesn't irritate my skin at all, and my pores look way better since I started using it.

This is fantastic
So excited to have found this product. I use a lot of exfoliants and this one is just different. The glow of my skin is like not other... Will be a staple for me, just wish I could get it in easier in Canada, but thank God for fed ex!!

Thumbs up!
Love this! It works so well as a exfoliant and peel off all the dead skin and blackheads! I love rubbing off the dead skin each time I exfoliant and my skin turns out so smooth! I tried the trial/travel size and finally decided to buy this size now as I have included this into my skincare regime.

Can't live without it!
As mentioned elsewhere, my skin is super dry yet sensitive that's prone to breakouts due to stress, or certain products, or just pretty much anything could irritate it! So when it comes with exfoliating, it's been really hard to find a home-use product that agrees with my skin - any textured scrubs would be too harsh on my skin, and any acid-based peel/solution/what-have-you would be too "damaging" for my sensitive skin. This peel however, is so gentle and easy to use - I only need to apply a small amount, wait 10 seconds and rub it off! The rubbing, in no way, irritates my skin... and in fact, I feel like it has a massaging effect as well. As soon as I wash off the debris, my skin is super clean with a glow that's never been seen before! I use this every other day, and would then use the Get Glowin' Mask and then the Deep Sea Hydrating Mask :)

My weekly staple
This product is mild yet effective! It's non abrasive and I use it at least 4 times a week. It allows my serums to be easily absorbed and my face feels smoother.

Best Peel Ever!
This product it's amazing! after my first use, my skin was beautiful and glowing and most important It is very gentle on skin!

My favorite peel
I have tried enzyme peels that people seem to like but they did nothing for me, this one my skin feels and looks great righ away you can use t several times a week too! Really love

I use this once or twice a week along with other skin inc products, I always get compliments on my skin! Forever in love.

Part of my weekly regime !
My skin has always been extremely sensitive. Using the wrong products will always cause major breakouts. I was skeptical in buying the Pure Revival Peel initially because i have heard that exfoliating does acne face more harm then good. But decided to YOLO and buy it. Its a very gentle product. After exfoliating my skin didn't turn red as the other exfoliating products that i have tried. Didnt break me out either. Notice that my skin is visibly clearer and brighter after exfoliating. Was amazed with the results!

PERFECT for sensitive skin
Triple L
Omg!! The peel was amazing!! At first I was nervous because my skin is more sensitive than a 2 week old baby... My normal regime is the Clinique Redness Solutions.... However, there was no irritation AT all!!! When I put it on and began massaging I was shocked to see the what I will refer to as the uh, winter weight come off. I knew I had dry skin and well... I don't anymore!! Most specifically, I had dry skin where I'm sure one day I will have laugh lines. Gone!! My makeup went on smooth and I don't look like a small application of foundation is resting on a mask of dead skin!! I hope that isn't too much of a visual for you lol. I am amazed by this product. Most creams to remove dead skin have what feels like tiny boulders scrapping across my face. This really is a game changer. Thank you ❤️

A must in my beauty regime
I see a mark difference after I use the revival peel, skin feels cleaner and brighter. Environmental friendly as there is no mirco beads. Just bought the full size after using the small travel pack.

Peeling is always my favorite!! I love the feeling when the dead skin is rubbing off, haha... I used 2-3 times a week. After peeling, I feel my skin is so clean, soft and smooth. LOVE IT!!!

Amazing Peel!!!
My skin is so dry that it becomes very irritated, which produces a lot of dead skin. After using this product, I have seen a major difference in my skin. It is very soft and radiant.

Never knew I had so much dead skin!
An exfoliator which works doubly hard but still really gentle on the skin! I never knew I had so much dead skin till I used the pure revival peel. Whenever I find a spot where pimples are starting to break out, I use this and find that it helps the spots go away more quickly!

I absolutely love this peel. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate me at all or cause break outs. It's so nice to be able to use a peel again. Highly recommend.

As good as it gets
sydney belle
This little bottle though has changed everything. It's so gentle yet powerful, I can't argue with how my face feels after using this. There is a reason it is always sold out, I got the email saying it was back in stock and am glad I didn't wait to order it!

I just love it
My skin is very sensitive to exfoliators and other peeling products, but this one is the very one exception! I've always had problems with blackheads on my nose, they won't come out no matter what products or tools I use, but it changed after I received a sample of this product, I totally fell for it. No smell which is a plus for me, it feels good when using on skin (doesn't irritate at all), and you can actually feel the peeling of the dead skin cells coming off! Skin does feel more refreshing and cleaner than before, and I don't have to worry anymore about my blackheads not coming out.

This product is watery type doesn't have the small bit like normal scrub or exfoliating products. After use u can feel that your face is smoother and brighter immediately.

Serene Soh
A soft yet effective scrub that removes the dead skin without enlarging my pores!

Immediate difference
Boon Hui
I notice an immediate difference when I use this in the morning. I look good with very little make up, which stays put well for the rest of the day.

Gentle enough even for the eyes
My first product from Skin Inc, it's an effective yet gentle peel. I even used it on my eyes, rough elbows and knees. After one use, you will feel that the skin looks brighter and softer to touch.

Good Stuff
I have very sensitive skin and am always on the lookout for an exfoliator that doesn't totally wreck my face... this may be it! Very gentle and effective-- leaves skin feeling nice and smooth without any irritation or redness. It is a tiny bit drying, but that's to be expected with a peel. Follow with your daily dose serums for smooth and vibrant skin!

Gentle and effective
When I first used this product I thought it didn't work because I felt nothing. No stinging, no burning, no sensation of any kind. What kind of peel does that? It wasn't until I washed my face that I became a believer. My skin was incredibly soft and smooth. Makes a big difference in the look of my makeup the next day too! Plus this bottle is big enough that I'll be using it for a good long while. Great purchase!

Gentle on skin.... tough on blackheads
I have very sensitive skin and at home peels usually result in redness of skin especially around the nose and cheeks. Skin inc peel was very gentle on my skin but removed all the dead skin and white and blackheads. The instructions were simple to understand and easy to follow. I loved how soft my skin felt after using this product.

Gentle exfoliater
I like the immediate results after using it. Skin is soft textured, not dry, no break out. My skin is oily/combination and mild sensitive on T zone. I love to use once or twice weekly as part of my deep cleansing routine.

So gentle!
Love how this peel gently removes dead skin cells, making my skin feels so clean, refreshing, and brightens up my skin. After weeks of using it, my pores appear visibly tinier! Love it!

Cant believe something so gentle can remove all that dead skin from my face. Happy with my purchase.

Best Exfoliator I have purchased
I have purchased many other exfoliator products which were fine, however, this product wins them all since this one gets rid of more of my dead skin compared to previous exfoliators I have purchased without any irritation. I had never imagined I had as much dead skin as this product was getting rid of. Plus, my skin has never felt as soft as it was after using this product. I will definitely be repurchasing this product in the future.

An Exfoliator for Sensitive Skin
Venice Lou
I have sensitive skin and reactive skin. My skin is easily turn red and have burning sensation if I use a skin care product that is too harsh to my skin. For the past years before I know Skin Inc, my skin cannot do any scrub / exfoliate because it will turn my skin red and sometime even can cause my skin peel off and result in fungus infection. It is a big problem to me as if we don't exfoliate my skin, all the skin care product cannot fully absorb by my skin. I'm glad that I found this Pure Revival Peel that is totally gentle for sensitive skin. I usually apply one layer on my face and wait for 30 seconds then gently massage in circular motion. It is easy to remove all the dead skin cells. After this, my skin care can be fully absorb. Currently using once a week or use the night before the important days as it make my make up stay longer and more natural looking.

Must buy!!
One of the best exfoliater that I have ever used! Gentle and this became my essential product which I can’t live without. It helped with cleansing of pores and definitely made my skin much smoother and softer!

Great for travelling!
Got a sample with my purchases to try out and I like it! It's the best for travelling as I don't like to bring my cleansing devices which are bulky! It's gentle yet exfoliates really well.

Great for travelling!
Got a sample with my purchases to try out and I like it! It's the best for travelling as I don't like to bring my cleansing devices which are bulky! It's gentle yet exfoliates really well.

Favourite exfoliator!
This exfoliator is the best I've ever tried! I have slightly sensitive skin and would often break out after exfoliating my face with other products. However, this doesn't happen with the Pure Revival Peel as it's super gentle. It's also quite satisfying to see all the residue that comes out as you rub it off. My face feels super clean and smooth after each exfoliation, making my face ready for my serum and moisturizer. This product deserves a 5star!

Immediate results after first use!
This is by far the best exfoliator I have used. After each use, my face feels so smooth to the touch and refresh. And as if that’s not enough, this product can also be use on your eye area and also on the lips! Definitely an item I will repurchase and recommend to my friends!

Gentle and effective!
I wasn't sure at first but I'm still happy I gave it a try! So incredibly gentle but so incredibly effective! I swear to you my pores shrunk after the first use! My skin was so soft after using this peel! Like baby skin soft!

My skin problem is oily, red and I have large pores. A friend introduced me to Skin Inc and even signed me up for a facial as a gift. After a session of facial treatment, my skin visibly seems less red and pores seems to shrink a little. I then decided to give Skin Inc products a try, by using its serum (mixed especially for me) and Pure Recovery Dew everyday including the use of the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light and Pure Revival Peel and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask once or twice a week. Within a few days of uses, there is obvious improvement in my skin conditions. My skin is less red and less oily (as the Pure Recovery Dew is not oily at all upon use and even keeps my skin moisturized the whole day) and my pores are slowly shrinking. I usually use Pure Revival Peel before Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask to remove any dead skin cells and impurities from my skin for best results. My skin looks smoother, cleaner and brighter the next day every time I used this combination. Even my husband notices this and started to use Skin Inc products as well to remove his eye bags! His eye bags is now visibly gone and he looks a lot younger and refreshed!

Smoother skin!
I usually use Pure Revival Peel before using Deepsea Hydrating Mask for best results. This is one of the gentlest "scrub" I've ever used but still does the job well in removing dead skin and impurities. My skin feels smoother after use. Perfect for my sensitive and easily irritated skin.

This exfoliator is the best I have tried. Gentle and effective! Amazing how it can get rid of all the dead cells but not harsh on the skin. I’ve been using it for one month (2 to 3 times per week). When I use it before my night routine, it helps to absorb the rest of the skin care products better. Best Buy!

Effective Product
This is by far the most effective exfoliator that I have used, the results are instant. After washing my face with Pure Revival Peel, I can feel the softness of skin immediately. This is something that I have not encountered with any other product. Plus it's gentle on the skin without the usual exfoliating particles. I would definitely buy this product again.

Best Exfoliator
One of three Skin Inc products from first purchase - have never looked back & regularly replenished to make sure I have Pure Revival Peel in-hand always! Having used many types of exfoliators in the past and also experimented with enzyme peel, suited for sensitive skin, I was a bit hesitant to use this at first. After the 1st try, seeing & feeling the smoothness of my skin & how clean it felt, how well products absorb when applied, I'm totally committed to it! Use it 2-3 times per week, before mask application. Skin stays in top condition, no harsh or artificial ingredients, no fragrance, only goodness for the skin. Highly recommend.

Love How Your Skin Feels
Love how it feels after using the product! It is by far one of the best product that is able to remove the dead skin effectively! Will continue to buy more Skin Inc Products!

Essential product!
Highly recommended product! I use this twice weekly and it helps to smoothen up my pores. Really gentle on my skin and definitely a must have product in my skin regime! Love this

Gentle & effective
I use this peel 2 times a week, I love that it’s so gentle but very effective. I can actually see my pores shrink & my skin feels very clean & soft.

This stuff really is amazing. You only need a small amount of it and as soon as you start rubbing it in you can see it start to work. My skin gets so dry in the winter time and this is perfect to get that dry skin off my face. My face feels so smooth after using. I feel like my serum is absorbed better after using it.

As my skin is very sensitive and problematic, most exfoliator always break me out. I am glad my face likes the Pure Revival Peel! After using, you can feel your skin is soft and nice. Recommended! :)

This is a winner!
The Pure Revival Peel is an essential product that will surely up your beauty game. Having spent a week in cold Jeju in December, where I just piled on tons of moisturizer without doing much exfoliation, I returned to sunny Singapore and tried the Pure Revival Peel. It is instant gratification - a lot of dead skin and impurities are removed in seconds, and yet, it felt gentle on the skin. After cleansing off, my skin feels a lot smoother and brighter, ready to absorb the goodness of the other products that I'll be putting on. A real winner that I will continue to use again, and again! :)

This was one of the first products I bought from skin inc line (along with deep sea hydrating mask). My face complexion is darker than the rest of my body for some reason. I have tried chemical peels but they were too harsh for my skin so I decided to give this a try and I was sold! It was very gentle and did the job too. I noticed that my makeup lasted for more than 10 hours since I started using it and my complexion was noticeably brighter. I am still using it up to this date along with other products from skin inc.

Good buy
My skin has always been rough on the surface which causes breakout frequently. After using this, dead skin is removed from the surface and my skin does not get clogged up. Products are also absorbed into the skin easily. There is an overall glow on my face. I usually use 3 pumps for my entire face but only spread it around when exfoliating that area as it tends to dry up quickly. It is gentle and good to use when needed or every few days, just note not to scrub too much to over exfoliate.

One of the most gentle scrubs I have had and highly recommended for those with sensitive skin. Leaves your skin smooth and clean and makeup ready.

Excellent peel
This pure revival peel worked wonders for my skin. My skin is a combination of oily and sensitive skin and I have been using this product once a week to get rid of dead skin. The result is very clean and exfoliated skin. The best part is this does not dry out my skin and it is not harsh on the skin as well. This is an excellent product and I will highly recommend it!

I LOVE THIS PEEL! It's super gentle even on my sensitive skin but manages to exfoliate well. My skin feels like a baby's butt after I use it. I typically use it between 2-3x a week depending on how my skin feels. Great way to prep my skin for other products.

Thought that it wont work on my skin, but this peel works as it says. I have a very sensitive skin and this peel is super gentle.

Gentle exfoliator
This is really a gentle yet effective exfoliator! I use this 2 to 3 times a week and it also allows my skininc serum to absorb into my skin better. Highly recommended!

Effective exfoliator
Tried this a few times.. skin feels smooth and looks brighter after use. I can see the clear gel turning turns chalky and falls as I rub gently on my face. For some reason my nose tends to get dry and starts peeling.. I use the gel to get rid of the dry skin.. it works well..

Excellent prodoct!
Easy and cleanses your skin thoroughly. Good if you don't 've much time to spare as it takes less than 5 mins. Gentle on the skin and you are able to use it 2 -3 times a week!

Very gentle and effective. Skin feels refreshed and clean after each use.

My Intro to Skin Inc
This is the first product I tried from Skin Inc. I received a sample in a sub box and didn't have directions. After rediscovering the brand I found the product and looked up how to use it correctly. I was instantly hooked and immediately ordered a larger size. Other reviews have accused this of only being product "pilling" up but I know this is not the case as when I dry or scaly patches there is more rolling off than when I have freshly exfoliate. I don't get any redness, irritation or burning from this product. I also find AC-11 A very interesting ingredient.

My Intro to Skin Inc
This is the first product I tried from Skin Inc. I received a sample in a sub box and didn't have directions. After rediscovering the brand I found the product and looked up how to use it correctly. I was instantly hooked and immediately ordered a larger size. Other reviews have accused this of only being product "pilling" up but I know this is not the case as when I dry or scaly patches there is more rolling off than when I have freshly exfoliate. I don't get any redness, irritation or burning from this product. I also find AC-11 A very interesting ingredient.

I think I will buy more
I bought this within a travel set/gift box and was amazed at how easy it is to use and how much I glow after using it. Skin feels skin but not tight, excited to buy this again (:

Gentle exfoliator
I've been a user of Japanese CURE exfoliator which works similarly to Pure Revival Peel, but I have to say this one is really gentle compared to the CURE one. I don't feel so much of a sharp tingly feeling after washing the exfoliated bits away from my face.

Great exfoliator
Gentle but effective exfoliator in softening the skin and removing dead skin cells. Love to see all the gunk coming off especially in my T zone area where the pores tend to get clogged.

Best exfoliator in the town!
I love how much it helps to clean my face and it does not leave my skin tight and dry. It's great for home use as we are able to cleanse our face at the convenience at home!

Gentle but still effective.
I love it. For someone with extremely sensitive skin (like myself) and has a hard time finding gentle but effective products this is a keeper.

My Intro To Skin Inc
This is the first product I tried from Skin Inc. I fell in love after using this for one week which I got as a gift set. My skin feels so smooth. Can't wait to try another product from Skin Inc.

I LOVED this product so much. After one week of use, my whiteheads were gone and my skin soft. I used it with the Get Glwoing Serum and my face has never looked better. Definitely plan on repurchasing!

Works well!
This works well but i prefer the oxygen mask!

Therapeutic scrub
I first tried this from a sample sachet after purchasing a serum at Sephora online. I really like it ever since and bought one for myself. It's very therapeutic to exfoliate and see the dead cells coming off, because immediately, my skin feels fresher, cleaner and smoother. I usually do this after i cleanse my face. it's like double cleansing. Use it twice a week. Usually apply serum after that and I'm happy to leave the house, just like that.

Slosh away your dead skin cels
This is a wonderful exfoliator such that it leaves my skin soft and supple after each use! Gently rubbing away the dead skin cells allows for better absorption of subsequent products that you apply onto your face. I use this once weekly!

Amazing Product
Skin immediate brightens after just 1 time use. Pigmentation.had also lightened after 3x usage and skin now looks healthy and glowing. Will continue to use the product.

Prefect to remove dead skin
I love to use this weekly to remove the dead skin. It's working well on my acne prone skin and it's not drying. After using, I feel clean and the skin is not drying which I experience from a lot of other skin are products.

Quick and effective!
refreshed after every use!

Indeed An Excellent Product - Worth the Price!
After 2 weeks of usage, my skin is considerably smoother, pigmentation lightened and make-up stays longer. I even receive comments from friends that my cheeks looks rosy now!

great product
brighten my skin, take off my dead skin, pores start to get smaller

Great product
Brighten my skin, take off my dead skin, pores start to get smaller

Gentle exfoliation
Dead skin cells are gently sloughed off, very satisfying to see all that gunk come out like eraser dust

my weekly routine
always feel squeaky clean after using this and feel that my face has been thoroughly exfoliated but it does not feel dry at all, fantastic product :)

Sloughs away dullness and preps the skin for serums. My face feels amazing and clean without the irritation.

Cleans away dead skin
It works amazingly to remove dead skin on my face especially when I have not exfoliated in a few days. Using it before the skininc optimiser took away all the filth needed.

Peeling effect and clean skin
I like how the skin feels clean after the peeling effect took place. Already on 2nd tube together with the bubble mask

Best exfoliation gel
This is one of the best exfoliating gel I have use before. It’s not drying to the skin and the result is almost immediate. You can see a brighter face after using, and it’s great to remove the dead skin.

I have been using this peel twice a week for a while now and I can totally say that it has brighten my face and got rid of dry spots. I use it especially when I like to apply full makeup. It seems to last much longer as to when I don't use this peel. I just love it.

For incredibly smooth skin
I’ve tried different scrubs and peels over the years but never have had results like the Pure Revival Peel. I have combination/ oily skin and a tendency towards blackheads and clogged pores. After one use my skin feels incredibly smooth and over time (in combination with other skin inc products) I am definitely noticing a reduction in pore size. This is now an essential component of my skin care regime

No more blackheads and whiteheads!
Seriously. My pores - both blackeads and whiteheads is reduced dramatically. I've been using so many weird stickers, creams, exfoliaters to remove and within a few uses ... my face is smoooth :) Get this!

great product!
This exfoliates my face well and isn't too harsh on my skin!

Great exfoliating gel
This is the best exfoliating gel I ever used. It’s not drying to the skin and is able to remove all the dead skin on our face.

mildly exfoliating
Skin feels super soft and smooth after using this. I apply it over cleansed skin and gently massage the gel until it balls up. I made a mistake of leaving this overnight (got it mixed up with the hydrating mask) and it broke me out but that was because the usage wasn't recommended as such. However, when used properly, it does wonders to the skin. Blackheads still remain though, may have not been diligent enough to notice results.

Great cleanser
It helps a lot to remove my dead skin and after washing off I’m able to feel the clean but not dry skin.

Always looking to my weekly revival peel routine!
Karen T
My first skin inc product, and I was blown. It is what the product says it does: revival peel. My skin was very clean after using this, it does help to clean up the clogged pores a little!

Good product
It really helps to reduce my pore size and exfoliates and clears out my dead skin cells! My skin texture felt really smooth after usage as well.

Clean Feels Clean
Have been using this for a couple of months and i must say this Peel is not like those with rough texture, this peel make sure your skin doesn't hurt even rubbing on your face! Love this product!

I needed this product all my life!! After just one use, my pores have never looked clearer, cleaner or smaller! Blackheads be gone! Makeup looks so much better. I don't think I'll ever be without this product!

No more pores
Use it together with the hydrating mask. Clear off the dead skin and hardly see any pores after use. Skin looking smooth. Good investment,worth the money

This exfoliating is gentle and you feel like you can remove so much impurities after using.

Love it
Shu Wei
I love how this "scrub" works like how a scrub does but that it doesn't strip your skin of its moisture. It doesn't use AHA or any other harsh chemicals. Good.

Holy Grail!
I was skeptical at first. However, from my 1st use, I was hooked! This is unlike any exfoliators I've ever used and it is not harsh and I didn't have to rub so hard to get the gunk out. It leaves my skin super soft and clean! My go to for exfoliating!

Works like magic
I started using this every other day and it helps my skins to look so much better, my skin tone is no longer as dull!

Highly Recommended
My weekly regimen! Effectively clear the dead skins & the pores are minimize!! my skin felt so subtle after every use!!

I love how it cleanse my skin and it isn't too harsh. Easily the best exfoliator I've ever used. Literally iloveskininc <3

Already onto my second bottle. This product is truly amazing! Worth it even though it's a little pricey.

Bye bye dead skin!
Never tried skin inc's products due to its super high price but managed to get a sample from sephora when I bought some other products. Tried it once and oh boy, THE RESULTS IS AMAZING! LITERALLY WENT TO SEPHORA TO PURCHASE A BOTTLE THE FOLLOWING WEEK! I've been trying to find a product which exfoliates well and this is the one guysssss!!

112 Review(s)

Pure Revival Peel

2 fl.oz
USD $55.00

Your Makeup's Best Friend!

Buff, polish and glow — all in one non-abrasive peel. Sloughs away dullness and preps the skin for ultra-absorption for the rest of your skincare regimen and acts like a dynamic primer to create the perfect canvas for your makeup. A revolutionary, non-abrasive peel that visibly but gently sloughs away dead skin cells, revealing bright, renewed skin.

A must-have in your glowing routine, this gentle peel combines high-performance ingredients  AC-11, Arbutin and Fullerene. Great for all skin types including sensitive.

After 1 day*:

- 100% agree that skin felt smooth, prepped for absorption of skincare and primed for makeup.

Results after 14 days*:

- 94% agree they attain instantly brighter skin, 98% after 1 month.

- 92% agree they experience better absorption of follow-up skincare products, 98% after 1 month.

Results after 28 days*:

- 94% agree they see reduction in appearance of pores.

*Based on a consumer study conducted as part of an independent clinical study.


Use dry hands to apply a thin layer of Pure Revival Peel to clean, dry skin after cleansing.

Leave on for a few seconds until it turns milky, then gently massage in circular motion. Dead keratin will be formed into particles, showing the exfoliating effect.

Rinse off with warm water. Use 2-3 times a week.

Gentle enough to be used on lip and eye area.


What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Scent

- Parabens

- Sulfates

- Phthalates

Full Ingredients


Brightening; Exfoliating; Reducing pore size