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Amazing product!
Li Lin
Masking has never been so easy! All you need is just 1 minute to give your skin a glow! It works better than the pure revival peel for me. Thumb up!

Very Brilliant!
Brilliant product! The bubbling effect makes me feel that my skin is undergoing a deep cleansing process..feels refreshing and clean after that. Amazing! Mask and peel at the same time. to me, is new!!!

My skin GLOWS in less than a minute!!
I’m amazed with this new mask!!!! Have always been a fan of the brand and this didn’t disappoint as always! I used it immediately after I got it and I’m blown away at how quick it takes!! My skin was glowing after the first use and my pores are so much smaller after using it for a week! My skin looks awake and like what they say, recharged!! Thank you Skin Inc!

This oxygen mask is da bomb. Haven’t seen any bubble mask in the market that works like this. It dosent bubble up in an exaggerated manner but truly does what it promises. It also has a peeling function and my makeup goes on sooo smoothly each time after I use this mask. It is such a time-saver for me and it just takes me less than a min but gives me the effects of a facial treatment! ❤️❤️❤️

Perfect for mummies!
I am a mother to a new-born baby and I cannot describe how happy I am to find a skincare product that promises a glow in just one minute. My skin has been out of sorts after I had my first baby and I’m plaqued with pigmentation and dark spots, something I never used to experience before. After using this for 3 times, I can feel my pigmentation lightening and overall, my skin is brighter and I feel alive despite less than 3 hours sleep every night. I can’t tell you how thankful I am. I swear this is magic.

My holy grail!
Caved and got myself this bubble mask. I suffer from acne and my skin feels rough because of my clogged pores. After using this, I feel like my pores are deeply cleansed and less clogged. I used it every alternate day and my acne is even starting to clear up without drying out my skin!!

Say "YES" to Bubble Mask!
I tried this product recently --> already a fan of the Pure Revival Peel, this new Bubble Mask blew me away! With a clean scent, texture as light as foam and my skin left feeling soft, clean and oxygenated, what more could I need in 1 minute or less?! This literally is next generation technology!!

Brighten and Clears up my Acne-prone Skin
Love how this product brightens and clears on my acne-prone skin, yet being really gentle - my skin instantly feels clearer with each use. I love using the mask before my sleep (followed by the deepsea mask) and my skin looks brightened and refreshed the next morning!

New favourite
Despite it being more expensive than the peel that I was used to using, this mask is really worth its price! I'm really lazy to put on masks nowadays, so this product is really for me. I can feel the difference with just one use, always looking forward to using this product after showering now!

An Answer to my Skin Woes ...Finally!
Baby Baby
I love love love this product. It is an answer to my prayers. I can finally enjoy brighter clearer skin in a short time without stepping out of my home and without spending tons of $$$! I can really see my skin become ALIVE again after 1 minute, the oxygen treatment plus the sloughing off of rough skin obviously works! Thank you Skin Inc!

worth the investment
After seeing this on social media I decided to treat myself. My favourite feature is the peel since no other bubble mask does that. My advice is to not leave the mask on for too long on your skin, it really only takes 1 minute. After using it before bed I can really see a difference the next morning. My complexion is visibly brighter and texture is much smoother! Still testing it out but so far, its a win from me!

a lifechanger!!!
i'm in love with this new product! i never knew the benefits of oxygen on the skin until i've tried this. i was pleasantly surprised to see that my skin is GLOWING after using this just once. it's almost as good as getting myself an oxygen facial, but in just a minute. plus this is really hydrating and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. amazing!

An awesome 3-in-1 mask that gives me the detox and glow I need!
I love using Skin Inc's Oxy recharge bubble mask! It's the only mask I've come across that does three important things for my skin in just a minute! My skin has been battered by sun and pollution over the years so I love how the mask infuses oxygen bubbles into my skin to clean out my pores, detox my skin of pollutants and at the same time breathe new life into my skin!! I also have oily, rough skin so I really enjoy the peeling effect of the mask. I can actually feel the grime and dead cells coming off. Love this product!

Super love it, such an awesome invention!!!

This product truly makes it feel like a proper facial, but in a flash! You can feel it oxygenating your skin in the bubbling stage, and you can see your dead skin falling right off as as you're peeling—but it's very gentle. Skin feels fantastic afterwards!

Facial in a flash indeed!
Really love that all this product takes is 60 seconds and your skin instantly looks and feels brighter!

Awesome product!
Love how the Oxy Recharge Bubble Mask reduced my acne breakouts in just a few days! My skin feels super clean after using it. Great invention, awesome product!

Skin feels instantly more refreshed and recharged after applying the mask. Within a few weeks, my skin got better with every use. Worth the investment!

With just a few uses, the oxy bubble mask has cleared my acne breakouts! I'm so glad to have given this a try.

Awesome product
Bought this oxygen mask to try. Love the texture and bubbling effect :)

Just received the product today and tried it immediately. Heard rave about this product and decided to give it a try! The result was better than expected as i was kind of skeptical.. With just 1 use, i could see that my face is brighter and feels very clean. I love the tingling effect and peeling effect. I have dry and sensitive skin but this doesnt feels dry and it works for me. Will repurchase when finished as totally love it that it only takes 1 min to get such effect. Worth it!

Bubble Mask
It really makes your skin clean but unfortunately it is quite a small tube at a high price. I used it once daily and it could barely last me for a month (only 2 weeks). But it is a good mask.

Quick fix
I can feel the mask working with the bubbling action after application. Gives a quick & gentle exfoliation in 1 minute & preps the skin to absorb following skincare products. Skin gets brighter & smoother after each use & feels thoroughly clean. -1 as the price is double that of the Pure Revival Peel though.

My friend is a big believer of skin inc products and she got me into it. She let me try this product last week and I must say that it's amazing. You can totally feel that it's exfoliating your skin. I have always used the pure revival peel but this is the next level. I just love it! Price is a little high for me but I have to say that it's worth it from the results you get from it.

It does wonders. Exfoliates with an Instant Glow. Skin looks brighter, healthier and sparkling clear

Instant Results
A quick fix for my skin. Don't have to spend a long time on it but you can se the results instantly. Clearer and brighter skin. A must try!

Quick, Convenient & Effective
I generally don't use mask or exfoliation of any sort because I just don't have the patience and effort to wait for 15~20mins; so when Skin Inc came out with this Bubble Mask that requires no longer than a 30s wait, I was very open to trying it. And the result was great!! Skin does feel fresher, smoother, and cleaner. Instant glow for under a minute. LOVE IT!

Gosh! I SUPER LOVE this mask!

5 mins is all i need ! A must for me every week !

Gosh! I SUPER LOVE this mask!

Does its job well
While being too expensive, the Bubble Mask does its job well. My face felt smooth and bright after each use. I was advised to use it not more than twice a week due to my sensitive skin. I'm guilty of not exfoliating on a regular basis as I felt most exfoliating scrubs are too harsh. I only find it troublesome because I had to pat dry my face before applying, even for the Pure Revival Peel. Overall a good buy if there is sale/discount going on.

Love the bubbling effect
I love how the bubbles form after applying. It's a great mask for my acne prone skin and it's not drying to the skin. I love the glow after each application.

Amazing oxygen mask!
I love using oxygen mask ever since this skin care concept enters the market. After I tried the first oxygen mask from another brand, I'm so in love with the bubbles slowly forming and bursting on my face - it's just so fun! It is not easy to find oxygen mask as not all skincare brands produce this, and I'm so glad I'm able to use it again when skin Inc launches this! The after effects on my face were a very cleansed, bright and seemingly 'oxygenated' skin. It also doubles up as an exfoliater!

Bubbles work wonder on my skin!
Have been using this mask for three months. Firstly, the mask is gentle and not drying for my eczema acne prone skin. Secondly, after the bubbling effect and massaging, you can feel the dead skin cell being sloughed away. Then you'll find your skin becomes smoother and brighter! A good buy although it's expensive.

Superb item
Love the bubbling effect . Skins looks clean and white. Especially love the yuzu smell. Even my husband loves this product

Awesome simple step!
The bubble that surface within minutes is amazing. I used this before the glowing mask and the after effect looks way too perfect. Gem product!

Fav Mask!
I'm now on to my 2nd tube and i swear by this product as i really like how it helps to remove all the dirt and dead skin cells. For me, i use this about 2-3x a week and my skin is now so much cleaner, brighter and less clogged after using this product!

Feels really clean and great!
Jer W
I purchased this item from Sephora previously because this product seems to be highly raved and it is an all in one mask, helps to clear dead skin cells and mask ur face at the same time. My face felt really clean after using it and my face looks brighter. I have already purchased my second bottle :) slightly costly but worth trying.

Like wow!
Amazing product! After application I can feel it bubbling, leaving a ticklish feeling on my skin! That I know means that it's working to get the dirt out! After washing off, my skin feels so clean with a little glow! Impressed max!

Cool Product
Never seen this type in the market before and was very sceptical about it at the start! However, I am surprised at how this product works! Skin feels so energised and smooth! Thanks SkinInc!

Fast Delivery by Roadbull
Received in a jiffy. Moisturising and brightens. Wished there was more peeling effect though.

Face feels so clean
Absolutely love the bubbly effect and the exfoliation that comes after that. I alternate using this with the pure revival peel as this is more expensive than the peel. Works great every time and the skin does feel cleaner and is brighter after application. Am working towards my second tube!

Amazing Bubbly Mask
This mask is truly help my skin to clean pore, it is simple to do it while shower. Just 5-10mins my skin turn deep clean and flawless. So amazing!!

Thumbs Up
This is my 2nd purchase. Its gentle exfoliates where your skin glow. You will feel clean and shiny.

Would continue to purchase
I liked how the peeling effect came in place. The scrub makes my face feels clean after each wash, together with the bubbling effect

Love this product absolutely. The tingling sensation during the initial application feels like the mask is clearing out my pores and removing dead skin. After washing away the mask, my skin feels so smooth and glowing. And I like the tube size, easy to bring along when travelling.

Great Product
Received this as my birthday gift from my friend and love it upon my first use. Great product for lazy people like me as it only takes a min to cleanse and get a soft glow! Will repurchase this.

I’m getting a second tube!
Sok Han
Skin feels fresh after every use, I normally use this alternate day after my cleanser.

Bubbling effect
I love the bubbling effect of this mask after applying it on my mask. It seems to be working hard to remove everything from my face but keeping it moisture and soft!

Interesting product
I would say this product is interesting as i can see the bubble forms after 1 minutes lay on my face! It is a very gentle exfoliating product and yet it gives my face glowing after each use. Recommend this product to all of you!

So refreshing!
This mask is so special and unique! never seen a mask like this before and It is very effective! My skin always feels very refreshed and cooling after using this mask!! AMAZING!

Works well!
I prefer this over revival peel becuz as it states ''mask'' both work well for me but i like that this is a fast game mask !!

It's my go to mask to pamper my skin. My face glows! My pores are smaller, my face brighter and clearer with none of the tight feeling you usually get. The bubbly feeling on your face also tells you that this product works!

This is the most convenient mask I have ever found! this is such a unique and effective product! Masking can be fun too!!

Masking made easy!
This is one of the most convenient and quickest masks ever - and I love how baby soft my skin is after using it! I liked the pure revival peel, but this is even better!

Love the bubbling effect
I love the bubbling effect of this mask, looking at how it magically bubbles up and cleaning off all the dead skin from my face is so therapeutic. It’s great for a perk up before an evening date as it brightens up my face. Love it!

Clean and brighten up the face!
Love the bubbling effect and after washing the face, my face feels very clean! Face looks brighter in just 1 minute. Good for people who does not have time to go for facials.

Love the smell, but pricey
Smells citrusly, loads of white stuff when you rub after the bubbles go away. Not much effect for me but my sister loves it!

Grear Refreshing Mask
Currently on my second tube. It's really awesome how my skin felt with continuous use. It's a must product in my facial routine now and something definitely cannot live with out. Face is cleansed completely within few minutes.

Amazing and fast results
I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful this product smelled as soon as the first dab was applied on my face. After applying to my whole face I watched the gel mask turn into a layer of bubbles and my pored felt like they are being cleaned out good. The end result after rubbing the bubbles off (which turned into soft scrubby bits) and rinsing clean, I was left with baby soft, smooth and super clean skin! Completely love this product!

Shu Wei
Nothing much observed for my first two tries. Put it aside for a few months and the third time I used it, I noticed beads of brown/grey balls when I massaged the product off. WOnderful! After rinsing off, I noticed my face became brighter and smooth. Make up stayed on better too. One word, MAGIC.

Just put on for a few seconds and you can feel your skin infused with oxygen and exfoliate and hydrate at the same time. Used it for a few weeks now and I feel that my skin feel brighter.

Might be the best Bubble mask you'll ever need
I do not have many experiences with bubble mask, but the ones I had weren't good. It left my skin feeling too dry and some patches were even red. This product leaves my face supple even after stripping almost all the dirt away. Brightens up my skin too!

Fantastic mask treatment
My first bubble mask treatment ever and it’s been nothing but enjoyable! A quick fix to get glowing skin while cleansing thoroughly. Super fast mask treatment yet leaves you feeling recharged and refreshed.

Clean Bright Skin
Elaine Ng
I liked how my skin looks brighter after the bubbling effect and scrubs.Will continue to purchase

Superb bubble mask
This is my repeat order ... simply love this mask . Easy to use . V fast n u will get smooth bright n clean face

Glowy skin
This product makes my skin glow and my pores smaller. Very easy to use as well.

bring on the bubbly
i like how the mask feels like nothing at first but after a few seconds i get that tingling sensation on my face that makes me think it’s working. and then i go through the works and wash it off and no further convincing is needed - it definitely worked. skin is clearer, a lot smoother and dare i say glowy! great mask for a 1 minute job although it’s exxxxxpensive.

Not bad..
Received this as a gift. Decided to give it a try after reading the reviews. It was not too bad. Giving it 3 stars as I’m still a little skeptical how much nutrients my skin can absorbed within such a short time, also, the pricing is a little pricey for the amount. Still prefer get glowing mask!

Already loved the pure revival peel but this is great as well! I love the tingling sensation!

Amazing product
I have been a fan since the first time i used it. all my friends whom I reconmmended the product to, all loves it. My face feels like I just went for a facial whenever I used it.

Fantastic Product
I love using this as it is super quick easy and even fun. Makes my skin clean with a glow!

Good product
Does what it says but I'm not really sure if I would purchase it again because the price is somewhat steep.

great mask
Love this mask! Hassle free, fun to play with and also does not take a long time! Removes my dead skin effectively

Great product
Li Wen
This is a mask that can achieve lots of result. It worth the money as we can exfoliate our skin, detox and treat the skin with oxygen!

Quick fix
I’ve little time to go for facials, and I like how it cleanses and oxygenates the skin in just one minute.

76 Review(s)

Oxy Recharge Bubble Mask

1 fl.oz
USD $55.00

The world's first 3-in-1 mask that provides the ultimate recharge, detox, peel & glow facial, all in a minute in the comfort of your own home.

Your skin depends on oxygen to detox, exfoliate and renew itself. As you age, the oxygen that reaches your skin declines by as much as 50%, causing it to look dull and prone to fine lines. Oxygen supplementation can accelerate skin renewal and repair. The result is radiant, plump, and younger looking skin.

Oxy-Recharge Bubble Mask harnesses the science behind our award-winning oxygen facial and gives our time-starved customers these benefits in a fraction of the time!


An Activated Carbon Perfluoro (ACP) ingredient can hold up to 20 times more oxygen than water can. As it actively releases oxygen, ACP will bubble and produce a light sparkling sensation so you’ll know it is working to repair and renew your skin.


Our carefully curated blend of antioxidants helps to protect your skin from environmental pollution, sun exposure, and every day toxins to leave you with beautifully healthy skin.


The exfoliating co-polymer acts as a gentle peel.  When rubbed onto your skin, this co-polymer penetrates between the cells on the surface of the skin to gently lift away surface oils, dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells.



Apply a thick layer of the mask on clean, dry skin. Let it sit for 20 to 30 seconds, allowing the microbubbles to form and cleanse the pores. Gently massage the mask on your skin in a circular motion. As you massage, small clumps will form containing surface oils, dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells. Rinse off to reveal recharged, glowing skin. Follow with My Daily Dose® serum cocktail.

Use 2 to 3 times a week or on alternate days for best results.


What it is formulated WITHOUT: - Scent - Parabens - Sulfates - Phthalates
Full Ingredients