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You're reviewing: Limited Edition Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ Rose Gold

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Best device I've ever used
I've been interested in buying the Tri-Light for a while now but kept holding off. When Skin Inc came out with the Rose Gold version with 2 additional lights, I decided to take the plunge. I don't regret it at all and I will be recommending this to all my friends! I love using the purple light the most since I often get adult acne, especially along my jaw. I can see a noticeable improvement the morning after using it. Any acne flareups are significantly reduced. Don't expect to see miracles after one use. You need to be consistent and do it for the recommended 10 minutes each time.

Great skin care gadget to owe
I have an entire collection of facial cleansing brushes, facial rollers and massagers but this is my favourite. I use the red light to reduce facial puffiness (it really works) and the blue light as a spot treatment for my pimples. Glad that there are 2 additional lights in this new version and the rose gold shade is pretty.

Love this!!!
Totally love this!!! Have been using it for a few days now and the results are amazing. It helps in clearing up my acne and I can see my scars slowly fading. Love using the purple light the most. Really hope this could help clear up my skin after a few more weeks of usage.

Great Device
I just want to say what a great and nifty device this is... It is able to help improve my skin in a very short time. I have been using the purple light and I see the difference and I sometimes use the orange light for variety. My skin looks brighter and smoother and younger. Thank you Skin Inc! I only wish it does not require the replacement of batteries but I have no idea if it can be improved. And I wish the price for the serum and mask is not as high!

Love it!
I already own the original Tri-light for a while and it has been my saviour to my acne-prone skin. I decided to try the Rose Gold version because of the new combo lights, and I thought it would be great to enjoy the full benefits of the blue light while having bonus repair benefits from the Red-light. My acne seems to heal faster and my skin looks clearer now with consistent use of the the Rose Gold Trilight ++!

You light up my skincare routine
First time using the Tri-light device together with some sample serums which I got. The outcome is magical and my face glows right after and even during the rest of my day. I have been using this device twice everyday now and the outcome never fails me. Looking forward to greater skin!

Good Investment
With consistent use of this product, especially using the red light, my skin has become visibly tightened and lifted. My pigmentation has also lightened a great deal. Very Good Product.

Good device
Use the Tri-Light optimiser with the deepsea hydrating mask. After two days the result is amazing, skin is brighter and smoother. Hope to get better skin with continual usage.

Best invention ever
I haven't had time to go for facials, buying this was my life saver. My skin feels soft, and brightened after every use! Paired with the dead Sea mask! My day is never complete without this device!

Easy to operate
Finally received the item after almost a month wait. Is easy to operate and I have only tried the red light. So far seems good but I suppose will need to use it diligently.

New love to my skincare routine
This is one of the expensive device I added into my skincare regime. However I think that my money is well spent on this and I have no regret at all. My skin become more radiance after using the yellow and orange light. And I always use blue light to calm my skin when i have breakout and my pimple does subside quickly after used. The only downside is the device is non rechargeable. Battery drain rather quickly in one week. It will be great if it is rechargeable, thus minus 1 star for this.

Unexpected marvel!
I have very dry skin and I have tried a million different treatments, but nothing has worked as well as the Voyage Tri-Light with the deepsea mask. My skin doesn’t flake anymore!!! I also have rosacea, so I tend to use the purple light the most and it truly decreases the redness and inflammation in my skin. Some days I don’t even wear makeup and I could never do that before. I use the Voyage every morning and night...it can seem tedious at first, but if you stick with then it becomes a relaxing part of your routine. Best money I have ever spent on a device and for my skin!!!

love this!
I've been using this device for over 3 weeks now at least once a day and I noticed lines around my eyes are less visible and the puffiness is reduced. I have scars from when i was young and age spots that are lighter. I love using the purple and orange light but I also use the yellow for under the eye area. Overall I would say that the hydrating mask is a bit pricey because you need to apply a lot for the device to glide but its still so much more cheaper that going to your derma on a monthly basic. I wish though that it comes with rechargeable battery, I hate it when it dies in the middle of a session. I am so happy I discovered this gadget!

Bought this device as a birthday treat for myself and it is amazing! Have been using the purple lights at night to calm and repair my skin when it gets red and blotchy and my skin will be better/fine the next morning. Will continue to use this every night. Like the combination lights (purple and orange) as they combine the benefits and effects of 2 lights at the same time - very efficient !

I love it! I wasn’t sure if it really works but decided to get it and give it a try. My kids said my skin glows and looks brighter. It also works on the acne problem that I have on my chin. Am sure it is a good investment! Recommended it to my friends who saw the change in my skin.

Worth it for long term investment
Love this device!! Can see my skin improve after only using it once a week. Wish it was rechargeable tho.

Great investment...MUST-HAVE tool!
A great tool to have at all times, for travelling and for everyday. Good for lifting skin and brightening the entire face. I like mine with the serums and Pure Deepsea Hy mask as it works and is so simple to use.

Reduced redness effectively
Sok Han
I only use this at night, but redness on my cheeks reduced significantly after just a week!

Prefect device for home use
I love how portable is this device and it’s really great to keep our skin healthy and acne free!

It really works!!
I've been using the optimizer voyage for about a year now and a few months ago, I went on a vacation on my country (outside US) and forgot my device. I really saw the difference from when I was using it compared to when I wasn't. My skin was dull and dry but when I came back from my vacation and started using it again, I noticed how supple my skin was. It was moisturized but not oily and it had a different kind of glow. Never going anywhere without this device ever again.

increased absorption rate
I've got the pioneer Tri-Light optimizer device, which works almost the same too, with red, green and blue lights. When used together with other skincare products - Serums and Hydrating Gel, the absorption rate of the serums and hydrating gel is much higher than without using the device.

Quick and efficient
This is my second device. My first tri-light device still works perfectly fine after 2 years but I am a sucker for rose gold items. I also absolutely love the two additional new lights on this device. Pair it with skin inc serums and I know my face is in great hands. To top it off, you only need a quick 10 mins a day to pamper your face.

I’ve been interested in buying this device since two years ago ~ but I kept holding of because of the price! Now that it has new limited edition colour

I’ve been interested in buying this device since two years ago ~ but I kept holding myself back because of the price! Now that it has new limited edition colour

Love it!
Bought this newer version of the tri-light though I already have the older version. Like that it has two additional lights. Device is easy to use and effective. The yellow light is effective for reducing dark eyes circles. Overall skin looks better after each use.

Never regret of buying
Been interested in getting this for long time. But though it might not get the result as it mentioned. Tried out for fews days and the I can see the improvement in my skin. Never regret to invest in this device it worth my money. Will be trying out other products soon and hope it works well for my skin too.

Worth it!
I have wanted to try this device for ages and now I have! I must admit my arm got a little tired after the first five minutes but i feel the results are totally worth it! I find that if you focus on your problem areas with the corresponding color light, the times goes much faster:). I can't wait to see the results after a month as I already do see brighter, clearer, smoother and glowy skin after just a few uses.

brighter skin
My skin looks bright, radiant and glows! my colleagues have commented on how much more radiant my face looks but you have to use this regularly. I have pigmentation spots and hope that this device together with the serum will address that. The pigmentation hasn't subsided though. Work in progress :)

I have uneven skin tone and breakouts all the time. Face is oily as it can be. After using this, my face is less oily, my breakouts are getting lesser. Less black and white heads too! Pores are less congested. My skin looks clearer and cleaner now. My acne scars are slowly diminishing too! Have to be more diligent to use the optimizer day and night for better effects! Sometimes I use it after my mask sheet, still amazing!!!

It's the BEST gadgets so far! I love it! You will see the difference after one week use daily. Thanks to BLACKFRIDAY sales! I've save a lot!

I love Skin Inc ❤️
With consistent use of this device & deepsea mask, my skin improve tremendously! Love it ! ! !

Amazing device
Love this device! My skin is smoother and brighter after each use with the deep sea hydrating mask and serum. It helps my acne to heal faster too. So happy with the additional combo lights which helps me to address diff skin concerns in the same time spent!

Best thing ever!
Love the optimizer so much! It helps in the clearing up my cystic acnes but it will require religious use of it though. The different lights are useful for different uses - like brightening or healing acnes or even anti-aging.

33 Review(s)

Limited Edition Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ Rose Gold

USD $265.00

Skin Inc’s award winning and ultra coveted Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ is now supercharged with 2 brand new power combo lights for the ultimate bespoke facial.

One device, 5 benefits - Revive, Glow, Soothe, Optimize and V-Sculpt. The new game-changing Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ combines the power of NASA-inspired LED Chromotherapy and Low Frequency Stimulation to tackle multiple skin concerns for younger looking, brighter and care-free skin. In addition to the original 3 targeted LED lights (Red, Blue, Yellow), the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ features 2 new power combo lights (Orange & Purple), which deliver twice the benefits in the same amount of time.

Customize and enjoy 5 benefits at one-go!

REVIVE with the Red Light - Reduce the appearance of fine lines and revive a youthful appearance.

SOOTHE with the Blue Light - Soothe and calm your skin, help reduce excess oil production and skin congestion.

GLOW with the Yellow Light - Revive dull skin for a brighter complexion.

GLOW & REVIVE with the power combo Orange Light - Perfect for dull, aging skin, Orange lights combines the benefits of Yellow and Red Lights to tackle pigmentation, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles.

REVIVE & SOOTHE with the power combo Purple Light - Ideal light for those who struggle with sensitivity or skin congestion and have anti-aging concerns. Purple light combines the benefits of Red and Blue lights to gently get skin back on track and problem-free.

OPTIMIZE and V-SCULPT with Low-Frequency Stimulation - To boost the absorption of ingredients from your skincare and v-sculpt facial contours for a more lifted look.

Results after 1 month*:

- 100% agree device is easy to use and looks good

- 95% agree regimen is simple, easy to follow yet effective

- 85% agree skin looks revived and radiant

- 85% agree skin looks younger and more beautiful

- 85% agree it helps restore skin’s moisture

- 75% agree dull skin appears brighter

*Based on a consumer study conducted as part of an independent clinical study.

Quick Tip:

The Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light should be used with water-based products and we recommend using it with Skin Inc serums and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask for best results.


Winner of Singapore Women’s Weekly Best of Beauty Buys 2017 for Best Skin Firming Tool

Winner as part of FEMALE INNOVATOR’s LIST 2017

Winner of ELLE Beauty Treat List 2017 

Winner of Harper’s Bazaar Best Beauty Awards 2016 for Best Anti-Ageing Gadget

Winner of STYLE Best Beauty Buy 2016 

Winner of ELLE Beauty IT List 2016 for Best New Skincare Device


For optimal results, use with Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel, Encapsulated Serums and Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. The Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask contains nutrient-rich Okinawa deepsea water, Soy Bean extracts and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate, clarify and brighten your skin, all in a single step. In addition to the benefits, the gel-like texture of our mask also serves as a medium for the device to glide over your skin easily.

After applying a water-based serum or mask, remove the clear plastic protective cap, switch on the Optimizer and apply the metal probe directly to skin. Use gentle, clockwise circular and upward motions to massage the area.

You can use for up to 10 min per application, twice daily. The device will shut off automatically after approximately 10 minutes. If you use more than one light, do not use the device beyond 10 minutes per use. Avoid using too close to lashline and eye-lid area.

To clean the device, use a damp cloth or antiseptic wipes to wipe the metal probe.

Device operates on 3 x AAA batteries.


Firming; Plumping; Reducing pore size; Repairing