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To-Go Pure Serum Mist (Infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Onsen Water)

1 fl.oz
USD $20.00

A unique healing facial mist infused with low-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, high quality humectants and mineral-rich Japanese hot spring Onsen Water to deliver the much-coveted dewy, glowing complexion. Soothe and calm redness, minimize pores and alleviate irritation from sensitivity even for blemish-prone skin. The mist provides the same powerful punch as our signature serums in a convenient easy-to-use mist. 

Customize the way you use your mist with these 5 beauty hacks!

1 Customize your own mist: Combine 2-3 sprays with a few doses of Skin Inc's serums to create a turbocharged mist!

2 Dewy skin on-the-go: Spray over makeup to hydrate for that flawless,no makeup makeup look.

3 Multi-Masking skin treat: Saturate a dry sheet mask or cotton pads to hydrate over skin sensitivity.

4 Shrink Your Pores: Chill the mist bottle in the fridge to use as a cooling spray.

5 Give them a reason to stare: Use as a setting spray over your makeup for it to last all day.


Use as a serum/essence; after cleansing as the first step of the skincare, as a make-up setting spray or mist as an instant hydrating boost throughout the day. Spray after make-up for a dewy finish. Hold bottle 3-inches from face and spray 1-2 times as needed.


Japanese Onsen Water

- Mineral-rich water from Izumo Yumura hot springs that balance skin's minerals, acts as an anti-inflammatory, and supports the skin’s immune function

Low-molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

- A potent water-binder that delivers long-lasting hydration; five times smaller so they can penetrate the outer layers of the skin for deeper more long-term hydration


- Quickly penetrates to provide an instant burst of hydration; provides long-term, deep moisturization.

Formulated Without : Scent, Paraben, Sulfates and Phthalates

Full Ingredients


Energising; For oily/acne-prone skin; Hydrating; Plumping; Reducing pore size; Repairing; Strengthening